Thursday, April 29, 2010

Caroline Elizabeth has arrived!

Caroline Elizabeth was born Monday Morning at 12:51. She is just perfect and we are a Happy family of 4. It's hard to believe it! She weighed 7lbs and is 18.5 inches long. We are doing great! More pictures to come soon!!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Recent Purchases for Crawford

Crawford's room is also still a work in progress....It's looking much better but i am still in search of a few furniture pieces and need to hang's never ending.
Below is his new bedding from Pottery Barn Kids
The Sheet not included...we used the Polo Bear Sheets that are adorable and match the bedding perfect.

I am looking forward to getting home to hopefully recieve these belts in the mail today.
I had to order two...I picked out the fish one and Jacob picked the baseball one. There are so many to choose from!

Of Course Crocs for Summer!

And we are trying the Rainbows!!! So far we can keep one on but not both! Maybe by the end of Summer we will be able to keep both on!

Caroline's Nursery

Caroline's Nursery is still a work in progress, although we have gotten a lot done...Hopefully it will be finished soon so I can post pictures...I still need to do the windows and buy pictures. I am waiting to get my glider back from being covered. but At leaset the Crib is put together even though she won't use it for a while. Below are a few of my recent purchases for her.

Pottery Barn Bedding - Kasey
(these are pottery barn pictures)

Lilly Night Light
and of course I am loving buying cute little pink outfits!!!

more to cute stuff for Crawford...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Finally an update

Finally a quick moment to update this blog that I once updated every other day! I am not sure where the time goes but by the time Crawford is asleep I am worn out but that might have something to do with me being 9 months pregnant and due in less than 4 weeks now!!! I can hardly believe it! We just got Caroline's crib put together yesterday and the nursery is still a work in progress. Working full time, being pregnant and keeping up with a 2 1/2 year old leaves little time for anything else! I have so many pictures to post so hopefully in the next week I can do a few updates!

I have passed the number of weeks pregnant that I had Crawford. He was born at 35 weeks so now we are anxiously waiting to see when Caroline will arrive. Probably not until her due date but we are trying to prepare ourselves for earlier! I am starting to feel not so well and am getting NO sleep! This pregnancy has been a lot rougher than my first but I am just so Thankful that things have gone well and am anxious to see who Caroline looks like!

Well we have been in our new house for a little over a month and we love it! We are still not completely unpacked but we are getting their!!! Man we had a lot of stuff! Everyone has been asking me to post pictures so I wanted to post a few...but I am not done decorating so for tonight you only get to see a few! We love our neighborhood and have met some really nice people and a lot of kids! It's not exactly what Jacob is used to coming from growing up with no neighbors but I think he is adjusting well! :-) We do miss our old neighbors, they felt like family! I am sure we will always keep in touch!

Welcome to our New Home

Crawford still ask about his old home!! I would have never thought he would even think twice about it. He talks about it just about every day! Today he told me he built his old home with blocks at school.

The back yard is a major work in progress!

My Favorite Room...mainly b/c it is pretty much done. We painted the walls and covered our dining room chairs.

This was the before picture

This is Crawford's favorite part! The park right next door! It's a good and bad thing! He does not understand that we have to eventually leave...and it's hard to get it out of his mind when all he has to do is look out the window and see it! Needless to say we keep the blinds on this side of the house closed! :-) But it is very convenient and it has made it really easy to meet some other kids and parents in the neighborhood! Plus...we don't have a house right next to us just a I am thinking we don't have to buy a swing set for our yard!

I have many more photos from before Easter and Easter Sunday...hopefully I will post this week. But below are a few from our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt.....Crawford had so much fun! there were a bunch of kids and they were divided into groups...his age searched for eggs on the Tennis Courts.

Pictures from Nana's and Pop Pop's Easter lunch to come and an well over due update on Crawford!
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