Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Crawford Year 2 to 3

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When Crawford turned 2 he crawled out of the crib the first day, found out the next week he would be a big brother, moved to a new house, started a new school and became a big brother! What a year!

To the love of our life!

Monday, September 27, 2010

4 Months

I am a bit behind...and since Caroline is 5 months old...I thought I better sneak this post in!

She was 4 months back on Aug. 26th...and as you can see I am just now posting about it. Time sure does go by fast!

Caroline is such a Happy baby minus the reflux....and car seat....however we seem to have that under control and she is doing great.

She LOVES her Big Brother. Her eyes light up every time she see's him. She is rolling over from front to back. She Laughs and Coo's a lot.



Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fishing Birthday Party

Crawford wanted to have a fishing party at Pop Pop and Nana's house for his 3rd birthday. I think the kids had a blast and the dads! It was  a perfect day!

We had Hot Dogs and Chips. We kept it simple and of course plenty of Gummy Worms and Gold Fish.







Hagan caught the first fish!



Treyton and Brady catching a fish!



Skylar and Pamela



Josh caught a fish!



Birthday boy



Julie catching a fish!




Would love to know what they are laughing about!


My friend Pamela made the birthday Cake. It was so cute and tasted wonderful!


Caroline didn't lack the attention during the party......

Mimi and Caroline



GiGi and Caroline


Nana....Great Aunt Linda, Cousin Angie and Aunt Casey



and Pop Pop



We had so much fun and cannot believe Crawford is 3!!!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Three Years Old

I can't believe my little baby is 3! I say it in almost every post but this time it is especially true...I just don't know where the time goes! The last three years have gone by so fast and they have been the best three years! He is such a happy little boy and makes everyone he is around Happy! He melts my heart!  In this last year he has had so many changes but he has done so well...from moving into a new house, going to a new school and staying home with his mommy, to having a little sister! He adapts to change so well! I am so proud of him and the latest change is that he is Potty trained! Thank Goodness we have 1 out of diapers! We have gone through a lot of prizes to get to where we are but it has been worth it. I think we now own stock in Match Box Cars! Now I am just trying to break him from thinking he still deserves one every time he uses the potty!

Oh Crawford how our dreams came true when we had you! We love you to the MOON and Back!



Birthday Party Post to Come.....

Birthday Date with Mommy and Daddy!

Crawford's Birthday was today. Jacob took off work and we dropped Caroline off with Nana so we could spend a special day with Just Crawford.

We headed to build a bear! Crawford quickly picked out a bear and named him Monkey! Not sure why b/c it really makes things confusing when you ask him for Bear he say's no his name is Monkey but if you say Where's your Monkey he says...no it's a Bear!!! I give up!!

He had a great time stuffing the bear..putting a heart in and giving him a bath! He must have gave Monkey a bath a million times....

Then it was time to dress him....It was between Buzz and a Football player...the football player won...

We made a birth certificate and then went off to lunch... By the time we got home we had already lost the Bear named Monkey's Football!













Saturday, September 11, 2010

Play Dough

Crawford and I decided to make Play Dough so we got out my old Kids Cook Book from when I was little and mixed it all up!

It turned out great and Crawford loved mixing everything together. He played with it for days!





Monday, September 6, 2010

updates coming up

how how sweet they are together....Crawford is the BEST big brother!

I have been so busy...who knew staying at home could keep you busier than being at work but it does!!

Coming soon...Caroline's 4 month check up...Crawford's turning Three....pre-school starts this week....and so much more....now if I can just find time to write about it!

and Wednesday Crawford and Caroline will find out if there cousin will be a boy or girl!!!


Caroline and Crawford.jpg

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