Friday, July 1, 2011

Where Have I been???

Goodness Gracious...I am so behind, not sure if I will ever catch up on this blog!


I am working on these for Crawford. Printing them out Large and framing for his room or playroom and starting them for Caroline as well.


I thought it would be something neat to do, then one day they could be put in a book for him.

While doing this I went through so many pictures. Gosh I can't believe how much he has grown.

On his way out the door tonight with a Jacob he came up to me and said bye sweetie! Bye Sweetie??? I remember the first time he said MaMa....and how my heart melted and now he is calling me sweetie!

Time goes by so fast!!!

I saw this idea on someone's blog, just writing on the picture their favorite things. Can't wait to do Caroline's tomorrow and then send them off to be printed.

Trying to get their stuff organized, pictures etc....

I want them to have memories of their childhood! I want them to see pictures, with this digital age, we just don't print much! I am trying to get better! Making them books, printing pictures to hang on our bare walls!

But life is so busy with 2 it goes by fast and before I know it I have an almost 4 year old and 1 year old! I can't keep the days straight and it seems like the months are flying by! I just want to freeze time for a short while!

Hope to do better blogging, I am so glad i have this blog! It's better than any baby book, I have so much information of the kids on here, favorite things, milestones! It's nice to go back and look at it all!








Caroline's to come tomorrow! I have to get to BED!!!! It's 2AM!!! (the only time I can get anything done)!

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