Sunday, February 22, 2009

Father Like Son!

Picture of Jacob and Crawford

Friday, February 20, 2009

Night Terrors, Oh My!!

No one could probably tell this sweet little face along with his parents have had many sleepless nights lately! Last night will go in the record books! Poor Crawford has been waking up between 1 and 2 every night for a few weeks! We thought he was wanting to get in bed with us but still thought it was strange how he woke up in the middle of the night! Well today we decided to take him to the doctor, b/c what began as a diaper rash (only the 2nd time Crawford has had a diaper rash) spread to his entire body! Little red bumps everywhere! I wanted to make sure that it was nothing contagious. Come to find out it's not, he had a little virus and sometimes a rash comes with it. He also had an ear infection in his tubeless ear & 5 teeth that have started to break through. Wow!! We only thought there were 3! And on top of all of that we think the waking in the night might be NIGHT TERRORS!! Which makes perfect sense to us!! Crawford woke up last night at his usual time! 2AM! Screaming!! He did not stop for at least an hour. He was not crying he was screaming and there was nothing we could do. I have never seen anything like it! We were scared and could not figure out what was wrong! Finally he feel asleep for a few hours! After talking with our wonderful Doctor today he thinks it sounds like Crawford may be having night terrors! Which if I understand him correctly they never really are awake when they start screaming and crying. He has no idea when he wakes up in the morning that it even happened. But let me just tell you! It happened and he was out of control!! Dr. Paynter gave us some good information and some suggestions to try to break his sleep cycle and hopefully the night terrors! I'll keep you posted how it works! For now...Crawford is napping so I better go rest!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mommy's Little Helper

I could only wish that Crawford will want to help with the chores when he gets older as much as he loves to now. He about knocks us over if he see's the dishwasher open. He runs to get to it so he can take everything out and climb all over it! He loves to help me load the dryer and he tells me "Tank Cho" every time I put something in it. His job is to shut the door and he smiles and claps after and is so very proud. We have to hide the broom b/c he likes to drag it all over the house and act like he is sweeping however he gets really mad when it gets stuck and he can't pull it.
Below is Crawford working hard!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


A few Recent Updates!

Praying for my Mimi - Crawford's Great Mimi
17 Months Old

Perfect Valentine's Day!
Visit with Grammy and Poppy!
Our Valentine!
I Heart Mom
School Party and Bubbles

Praying for My Mimi!

Friday My Mimi had what we think is to be a stroke. Not sure yet, b/c they are still running test, however she is in the hospital and it has affected her speech! I am praying that everything will be ok and she will get her speech back! She means the world to me! My only Grandmother I have ever known and we are very close! She has been through so much and always manages to make a full recovery! So in your prayers tonight say an extra one for my Mimi!!

Here is a picture of her and Crawford playing last weekend! I meant to put this on that post! She is trying to teach Crawford how to blow on the little noise maker she had in her room. He wanted to chew on it rather than blow! Too Cute! She loves for him to come visit and then she shows him off to all of her friends!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

17 Months Old

I feel like I was just writing a 16 Month old update yesterday! Not much has changed except more vocabulary! One minute I thought he was not saying enough and now I cannot keep up with all that he is saying! 17 months has brought a little sleeping problem, that I am hoping will be resolved by at least 18 months if not sooner! I made the mistake of bringing Crawford into bed with us when he would wake up in the middle of the night. He was and still is teething and fussy and we could not get him to go to sleep when he would wake up at 2 am, so I put him in bed with us! Well who really wants to get back in a crib when you could just cuddle in a nice comfy bed with Mommy and Daddy! I know so many people have different opinions on this ...but we just were not getting good sleep with him in the bed with us! So we have spent the last ROUGH week trying to get him back in the crib all through the night! It has been so hard!!! I am a sucker for crying just as I am sure every mom is. It's so hard to hear your baby crying and not run and get him, however we did it and none of us got any sleep! It was a really stressful week for us considering we all had to be up bright and early! But we will get through it! Here is too a better week with more sleep!

So back to 17 Months..

His Likes
Playing Chase, Taking a Bath, Climbing Anything!!! , Mini Vanilla Wafers (mommy likes these too!!), Balls, Blocks, Lego's, Giving Hugs and Kisses, riding in his car, riding in the grocery cart, playing in his tent and tunnels, playing with his basketball goal, Ketchup, Music, Dancing, books, his blanket (which needs to be washed but I can't get it away long enough).
His Dislikes
Diaper Changes, Getting in his Car Seat after a long day, most veggies, Elmo and the Chicken that he got last Easter that dances. (He used to love them both but not anymore!) Loud Noises, Hair Dryer, Time Out, The Doctors Office (he cries the minute we walk in).

A few new words
Deer - sounds like Dare,Shoe, Hat, Cat, Hello - ello (he says this every time the phone rings and he runs to find the phone, Hey - Heeeyyy , GiGi -Crawford's Great Grandmother
We are working on "I Love You"
He says "I La ouuu"
I am sure I have left something out. He is learning so much every day! It's so amazing how much they pick up and learn so fast! Even without the sleep we are still having so much fun! There is nothing better than this!!! We are so lucky!!

Perfect Valentine's Day!

We had a perfect Valentine's Day! We decided that we would not get gifts this year but instead we would take Crawford to the Zoo! Well you can see the picture below that someone did not hold up there end of the deal! Which made someone else feel horrible! Only for a minute though. It was a great surprise!
We ended up going to the Greensboro Children's Museum instead of the Zoo because the weather forecast called for rain! Well it did not rain and would have been a perfect day for the Zoo. We had a great time anyway and well have to go to the zoo soon!
It was nice to spend some quality time together! We are always so busy and are rarely at home on the weekends! So it was a nice relaxing day to just be together and having fun! Crawford LOVED the Children's Museum. We could have stayed all day! There was so much for him to do! We carried him out crying when it was time to leave!

Having Fun playing on the Mats! I believe he was a little big for this section but he still had fun!

A little Overwhelmed! What should I do next??

Daddy and Crawford playing with the balls! He LOVED this and knew exactly what to do!

I already know what Crawford will want for Christmas next Year! He loved the trains and train tables! They had so many to play with! It was a good thing because all of the boys were playing with them and he is not too good at sharing these days! We are working on it!

Where can I go next?

Shopping Carts! Everywhere we go for Children they have a little store and shopping carts and Crawford loves it! He puts all the food in the cart and runs everyone over with it. He was running into everyone and if I tried to guide his cart, he would have a melt down!

Crawford and Mommy in the Big Red Chair! Clifford was there and Crawford would have nothing to do with him. I didn't really expect him to. As soon as he walked up Crawford said BYE really loud!

Visit with Grammy and Poppy!

Below are a few cute pictures of Crawford with Grammy and Poppy from Friday and Saturday.
Crawford and Poppy playing with the tree.

Where is Poppy's Nose?

Crawford and Grammy just before going to Dinner.

Our Valentine!!

I Heart Mom Tee Photo Shoot

Here are a few pictures we snapped last Sunday when it was so beautiful outside! Crawford is wearing his I Heart Mom t-shirt that we ordered from Etsy. I put a link over to the right of the blog! He is growing up so fast!!

Showing us how big he is!

Friday, February 13, 2009

School Party and Bubbles

We had fun making Valentine's for Crawford's friends at school. We ordered the heart shaped Crayons which you can easily make. I think they turned out really cute. Next time I think I will make them.

Crawford at snack time drinking from a cup! The first cup went well but the 2nd went down his shirt. I was impressed though that he was drinking from a cup! However, I think at home we are sticking to the Sippy!!

Smiling for Mommy

Playing with Bubbles and showing me his toes!

A good teeth shot! 6 in and 3 on the way!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Great Weekend

We had a great weekned. While Jacob enjoyed a weekend with the guys, Crawford and I headed to Hickory to spend time with Mimi (my mom). We always have such a great time. We went to Ashville for the day on Saturday to see visit my Mimi! She loved showing Crawford off to everyone in the retirement home! We had dinner with Aunt Vicki and Uncle Gary on our way home! Crawford did great the entire day especially considering the two molers have still not come through and he has another front tooth coming in! Wow, lets just say things have not been so easy the last few weeks with these teeth coming in!
Here are a few pictures from the weekend!
Daddy Just drove up! Crawford was so excited to see him!

Blowing Molly Kisses

Crawford crawled up on my lap at Mimi's on Friday and went straight to sleep! He was worn out from playing!

This picture makes me laugh so hard. I am constantly asking Crawford where is mommy, where is daddy, etc....., So I thought I would ask where is Mimi, he pointed up like I just asked a stupied question! While we were at Mimi's we found a picture of Jacob's parents and brother's. I held it up to Crawford and he pointed to everyone as I said there name!

Getting ready to take a nice little nap!

Enjoying a dinner with Aunt Vicki, Uncle Gary and Mimi!

Playing with Mommy's toys

We had such a great time! Thanks Mom for having us!!
Crawford is learning his animal sounds! He has the dog down we are moving on to the duck, which instead of quack quack he says duck duck! And he loves Cats even though we do not have one and have not really been around them but we do talk about them in some of his books. He saw some kittens in my mom's backyard this weekend! He started yelling Cat...Cat... He was so excited!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Having Fun!

We are having so much fun! It seems as if the teething pain has faded for the past week and we were able to get a lot of giggles instead of cries! Crawford is growing up and started to talk more and more each day although he still gets really shy. Jacob and I can get him to say a lot when it is just the 3 of us but once he is around anyone else is gets really shy. After a while he does come out of his shell! He is learning so much which just amazes me. I, of course just think he is a genius! :-) It shocks me everyday when he does something and I think when did he learn that! This morning on Noggin they were saying the word jump he started saying jump and was jumping on the bed! It's amazing what they pick up! We really have to start watching what we say!!
We had our 4th Annual Superbowl Party on Sunday. Unfortunately my pictures didn't really turn out! I am not sure if everyone came for the game and food or for Crawford! We always have so much fun with our friends and are so Happy that they enjoy doing things with Crawford. The guys always amaze me at how much they love Crawford! Crawford absolutely loves the attention! He wears them out. Especially Conrad! He always wants Conrad to chase him around the house and he will just look at Conrad as if he is telling him to come on! It's so cute!
Below are a few pictures from Sunday!

Molly, Our first Child! Oh how things change we you have a baby. Poor Molly took the back burner! But she sure does love Crawford! She is the craziest lab I have every known! If you have read Marley and Me, Molly is like Marley. But when she is around Crawford she completely calms down. She allows Crawford to poke at her eyes and pull her jaws and she does not flinch! She actually acts scared of Crawford! I just know they will be best friends!! And I hope in a few years Molly will calm down around us as well!!

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