Saturday, February 14, 2009

17 Months Old

I feel like I was just writing a 16 Month old update yesterday! Not much has changed except more vocabulary! One minute I thought he was not saying enough and now I cannot keep up with all that he is saying! 17 months has brought a little sleeping problem, that I am hoping will be resolved by at least 18 months if not sooner! I made the mistake of bringing Crawford into bed with us when he would wake up in the middle of the night. He was and still is teething and fussy and we could not get him to go to sleep when he would wake up at 2 am, so I put him in bed with us! Well who really wants to get back in a crib when you could just cuddle in a nice comfy bed with Mommy and Daddy! I know so many people have different opinions on this ...but we just were not getting good sleep with him in the bed with us! So we have spent the last ROUGH week trying to get him back in the crib all through the night! It has been so hard!!! I am a sucker for crying just as I am sure every mom is. It's so hard to hear your baby crying and not run and get him, however we did it and none of us got any sleep! It was a really stressful week for us considering we all had to be up bright and early! But we will get through it! Here is too a better week with more sleep!

So back to 17 Months..

His Likes
Playing Chase, Taking a Bath, Climbing Anything!!! , Mini Vanilla Wafers (mommy likes these too!!), Balls, Blocks, Lego's, Giving Hugs and Kisses, riding in his car, riding in the grocery cart, playing in his tent and tunnels, playing with his basketball goal, Ketchup, Music, Dancing, books, his blanket (which needs to be washed but I can't get it away long enough).
His Dislikes
Diaper Changes, Getting in his Car Seat after a long day, most veggies, Elmo and the Chicken that he got last Easter that dances. (He used to love them both but not anymore!) Loud Noises, Hair Dryer, Time Out, The Doctors Office (he cries the minute we walk in).

A few new words
Deer - sounds like Dare,Shoe, Hat, Cat, Hello - ello (he says this every time the phone rings and he runs to find the phone, Hey - Heeeyyy , GiGi -Crawford's Great Grandmother
We are working on "I Love You"
He says "I La ouuu"
I am sure I have left something out. He is learning so much every day! It's so amazing how much they pick up and learn so fast! Even without the sleep we are still having so much fun! There is nothing better than this!!! We are so lucky!!

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