Saturday, February 14, 2009

Perfect Valentine's Day!

We had a perfect Valentine's Day! We decided that we would not get gifts this year but instead we would take Crawford to the Zoo! Well you can see the picture below that someone did not hold up there end of the deal! Which made someone else feel horrible! Only for a minute though. It was a great surprise!
We ended up going to the Greensboro Children's Museum instead of the Zoo because the weather forecast called for rain! Well it did not rain and would have been a perfect day for the Zoo. We had a great time anyway and well have to go to the zoo soon!
It was nice to spend some quality time together! We are always so busy and are rarely at home on the weekends! So it was a nice relaxing day to just be together and having fun! Crawford LOVED the Children's Museum. We could have stayed all day! There was so much for him to do! We carried him out crying when it was time to leave!

Having Fun playing on the Mats! I believe he was a little big for this section but he still had fun!

A little Overwhelmed! What should I do next??

Daddy and Crawford playing with the balls! He LOVED this and knew exactly what to do!

I already know what Crawford will want for Christmas next Year! He loved the trains and train tables! They had so many to play with! It was a good thing because all of the boys were playing with them and he is not too good at sharing these days! We are working on it!

Where can I go next?

Shopping Carts! Everywhere we go for Children they have a little store and shopping carts and Crawford loves it! He puts all the food in the cart and runs everyone over with it. He was running into everyone and if I tried to guide his cart, he would have a melt down!

Crawford and Mommy in the Big Red Chair! Clifford was there and Crawford would have nothing to do with him. I didn't really expect him to. As soon as he walked up Crawford said BYE really loud!

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