Monday, February 2, 2009

Having Fun!

We are having so much fun! It seems as if the teething pain has faded for the past week and we were able to get a lot of giggles instead of cries! Crawford is growing up and started to talk more and more each day although he still gets really shy. Jacob and I can get him to say a lot when it is just the 3 of us but once he is around anyone else is gets really shy. After a while he does come out of his shell! He is learning so much which just amazes me. I, of course just think he is a genius! :-) It shocks me everyday when he does something and I think when did he learn that! This morning on Noggin they were saying the word jump he started saying jump and was jumping on the bed! It's amazing what they pick up! We really have to start watching what we say!!
We had our 4th Annual Superbowl Party on Sunday. Unfortunately my pictures didn't really turn out! I am not sure if everyone came for the game and food or for Crawford! We always have so much fun with our friends and are so Happy that they enjoy doing things with Crawford. The guys always amaze me at how much they love Crawford! Crawford absolutely loves the attention! He wears them out. Especially Conrad! He always wants Conrad to chase him around the house and he will just look at Conrad as if he is telling him to come on! It's so cute!
Below are a few pictures from Sunday!

Molly, Our first Child! Oh how things change we you have a baby. Poor Molly took the back burner! But she sure does love Crawford! She is the craziest lab I have every known! If you have read Marley and Me, Molly is like Marley. But when she is around Crawford she completely calms down. She allows Crawford to poke at her eyes and pull her jaws and she does not flinch! She actually acts scared of Crawford! I just know they will be best friends!! And I hope in a few years Molly will calm down around us as well!!

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