Sunday, August 22, 2010

They melt my heart!!

my heart melts to see Crawford with Caroline...he kisses her more times that I could count each day! He tells her good morning and kisses her every morning! He is so sweet to her and it just melts my heart to see them together!!!!! God is Good!!!



Monday, August 16, 2010

a few more of my favorite things!

Two More of my Favorite things...I promise...I will post updates in the next few days of Crawford and Caroline! There growing up so fast...I can't keep up with them!

Munchkin The Medicator.....Love this...Caroline is takingmedicine for reflux and every time I use the dropper it comes back out...she takes it all with this! I used this with Crawford! I got this at Target.


The Razbaby teether!

Didn't use with Crawford but Caroline seems to love it. It looks big at first but she loves it. I bought mine at Babies R Us

Dip this in Cold Water or put in the fridge to make it extra cold for a teething baby!


More to come soon...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Some of my favorite baby things for babies!

Since we have so many friends pregnant....and I mean at least 15....I thought I would post some of my Must Have items for newborns.

There a lot of things I love but there are a few I can't live without!

I love Mustela Bebe Foam Shampoo for Newborns 5.07 fl oz (150 ml) baby shampoo! It helps with cradle cap! It worked wonders with Crawford.


Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether, Brown/ White ...this one is new for us...most of our friends have had it recently we thought we would try it.

Caroline loves to hold on to it and it has so many things she can put her squeaks like a dog toy so we have to keep it away from Molly and Crawford loves it too! So when Caroline actually gets her hands on it she loves it! She smiles as soon as she see's or hears it!


Aquaphor treats everything....I have never really had to use diaper rash cream...with Crawford we were fortunate we didn't need it but any time he has had anything that needed ointment I have only used Aquaphor. We love it!


Taggie Blanket...Crawford didn't have one...but Caroline just got one and she loves it. There are so many tags for her to hang on to.


Crawford didn't take a paci and I didn't push it....however with Caroline...we needed one!

We love Mams and Nuk!


Sleep Saks!

Love them! Poor Caroline's has one pink one and the rest Blue!!! She wears Crawford's but they do the job! Keep her warm without having to worry about a blanket getting wrapped around her or coming off. 

aden + anais Slumber Muslin Sleeping Bag Single Layer, Mod About Baby - Fish, Medium (15-24lbs)


Sound Machine was the only way I could get Crawford to sleep...we started off with the heart beat and the older he got he loved the ocean!

Caroline is a good sleeper ....but I bet she will be needing it soon!


Summer Infant Sleek and Secure Handheld Color Video Monitor, Grey

With Crawford we had the regular monitor. I love having the video monitor so I can see what Caroline is doing without opening her door....or what Crawford is doing to her. While drying my hair the other morning....I spotted Crawford upstairs crawling into her crib...she slept until 9:30! I went up to get him and he said I am waking her up! He had moved the ottoman over to her crib and crawled right in.


I am sure I will think of more great things, I will add to this post if I do.

They Melt my heart

Caroline is a week away from being 4 months...Crawford is a month way from being 3 Years Old! Were having so much fun and I am WAY behind on blog post. Hope to catch up soon!

Here are a few pictures from this weekend.

Caroline's pretty little hands...just love them! Couldn't resist putting a picture up!



My 20 Minutes of Silence...well not silence because she now squeals the entire time however it's not crying!!

The way I get a shower in the morning or stalk put Caroline in her crib....the mobile last 20 minutes and so does Caroline!

She LOVES it! I say the tackier the better with these things. Not that I think my Mobile is tacky but if it doesn't have a lot of colors and loud music it won't do the job.


Hey My Sweet Caroline....oh how I love to hear you coo and giggle these days...You melt me and your daddy's heart and I think your melting your brother's heart!!! I can tell by the million kisses he gives you a day!



How can you be so tired just woke up!!!


if your wondering why I have 4 pictures of Caroline and one of Crawford....well he is hard to catch these days!!!

I try but I have to be sneaky!!! I learned a tell him there is a bunny or train or what ever in my helps kids look into the lens!!!

However Crawford is smarter than I ....He just says....theres no bunny in your lens mommy!!!!!

Talking about melting my heart!!!! Crawford you do! I can not express how much fun I am having with you! I may be tired and worn out!!! But it's worth every minute!

He has me laughing from the time he wakes me up which is really early until he goes to bed! I can't believe he will be three in less than a month now!!!



More Post coming soon...including Crawford's new play yard at Pop Pop and Nana's and Mimi's Birthday....with a lot more good stuff also!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hats & Helmets

So today...Crawford and Caroline spent nap time at two different times..It would be so nice if they could do it at the same times...but hey...I am just glad they are taking a nap!

So I broke out my camera while one was taking a nap. It's so much easier to take a picture of a 3 month old than a almost 3 year old! :-)

Below is Caroline in her hat! She was so much fun! Laughing the entire time! I think she likes her hat!

and then Crawford in his Helmet he decided to wear around the house! :-) He didn't want his picture taken...he normally does! :-)

He is so funny these days! I could write a book on all of the funny things he says to me through out the day.

Today Caroline was on her play mat....he told me that it was not Caroline's..."he said we got it for you Mommy", I said, "Why" he said "because you were good today"

I love how he thinks I am good! and he tells me how proud he is of me!






Crawford 8.3 hat.jpg


Sunday, August 1, 2010

I Blinked

Caroline and Crawford are growing like weeds. I feel like I blink and they get bigger! I am having so much fun with them. Life is crazier than ever right now but were having fun and trying to soak up every moment...even the bad ones! :-) I never realized how easy one was until I had two! I wouldn't trade it for the world but it is so different. I took Crawford to a Birthday party on Saturday! I decided to bring Caroline along as well. Wow!!! was that hard. She cried towards the end and he didn't want to leave. So at one time they were both crying. I wanted to just crawl under the table. It was pouring rain outside. I ended up holding Crawford in one arm and Caroline in her carrier in the other arm in the rain! Thank goodness Melissa was there to carry my diaper bag. They both cried all the way home which was a 30 minute ride! The good thing is Crawford had so much fun playing with his friends from his old school!

Caroline is 3 months and the happiest baby! She smiles so much and it's contagious! She coo's when we talk to her! I feel so blessed and I love to see how sweet Crawford is to her. The very first thing he says when he wakes up is "where is my baby", he wants to kiss her first thing and then I can not count how many times he actually kisses her throughout the day! She recognizes his voice and will smile when she hears it! Caroline looks around observing everything. She still has a head full of hair but seems to be losing some of it.









Crawford is 2 Years and 10 1/2 Months and is SO much fun! He has me laughing 99% of the day and 1% of the day yelling!

His laughter is contagious! He is the sweetest little boy! From the time he wakes up until the time he goes to bed he has me laughing. The only time I am not laughing is during the 3 year old terrible melt downs but lately those aren't so bad! He says the funniest things and remembers everything. Sometimes he talks to me like I am the child and he is the adult! He is so very smart or at least we think he is! He still loves Golf ...wanting to play everyday! We are still potty training. He is doing very good. We were almost there but regressed right after Caroline arrived. But were back on track now! I am still paranoid to venture out in public without a pull-up but were getting there making short trips to places to test him!


I took these pictures off of Treyton's mom's Facebook page.

Below is Treyton, Crawford and Hagan at Brady's Birthday party.

These boys went to school together but now all three go somewhere different. They have seen each other in months but can pick back up like it was yesterday.

It was so good to see the boys parents and catch up! I enjoyed the friendships we made while they were in school together!


Hagan, Brady (birthday boy) & Crawford


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