Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hats & Helmets

So today...Crawford and Caroline spent nap time at two different times..It would be so nice if they could do it at the same times...but hey...I am just glad they are taking a nap!

So I broke out my camera while one was taking a nap. It's so much easier to take a picture of a 3 month old than a almost 3 year old! :-)

Below is Caroline in her hat! She was so much fun! Laughing the entire time! I think she likes her hat!

and then Crawford in his Helmet he decided to wear around the house! :-) He didn't want his picture taken...he normally does! :-)

He is so funny these days! I could write a book on all of the funny things he says to me through out the day.

Today Caroline was on her play mat....he told me that it was not Caroline's..."he said we got it for you Mommy", I said, "Why" he said "because you were good today"

I love how he thinks I am good! and he tells me how proud he is of me!






Crawford 8.3 hat.jpg


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