Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More Pictures

Crawford had a great night. The tubes must be working! He is staying with Grammy for the rest of the week. Dr. Alsup did not want him to be around other children or really anybody that he didn't need to. Basically germ free for a few days. We know he is having a great time at his Grammy's and she is having fun also. Below are a few pictures from this weekend, they are out of order.


Crawford sitting with GiGi
Crawford and Grammy
Crawford and Kelly at Skylar's birthday partyCrawford and Skylar

Crawford with Unlce Ryan

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tubes are In!

We had very early morning. We all woke up at 5am, to go to the hospital. I guess Crawford new something was going on and was ready to go b/c he woke up before our alarm clock even went off. The procedure only took 15 minutes. We were on our way home before most were at work. Crawford took two very long naps today which I know he needed! He was such a good patient. The nurse loved him! He had to wear a baby girls gown b/c the boys was too big. I don't think he liked that but he got over it. Or maybe it was Jacob that didn't like it! Anyway, Dr. Alsup said his ears were very bad. So it is a good thing we got this done! We will go back in a few days for a followup! He said we should see improvements with Crawford by the end of the week. We love Dr. Alsup. He is so good! We are really glad he could fit us in his schedule!!
We had a very busy weekend like most! :-) Saturday we went to Skylar's 1st birthday party! We had fun. Crawford wanted to play we all of his toys. He recognized a few b/c he has them. They are his favorite toys at home. The ones that he screams over if we take them from him. Well of course he would see them and would jet over to take the birthday boys presents. Good thing Skylar was more interested in riding his new car than his presents. Oh yeah, Crawford had a fit over that car as well. He has one at his Papa and Grammy's house that he loves!!
Below are a few pictures from the weekend. I will add some more tomorrow.
We cooked out with Jacob's family on Saturday night after the birthday party. I will add those pictures tomorrow. I am tired and am ready for bed!!
Skylar with his parents. He got his Mommy on the face with his cake!

Two cute pictures of Crawford this weekend!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Crawford Update

Crawford is doing much better today! It's amazing how one day of antibiotics can make a difference. Not sure how the ears look, but his eyes and nose are better! We are hoping to get to see Dr. Alsup this week. We want to get his opinion as to what Crawford needs. We are all for tubes if that is what he needs but we just want to make sure that is what he needs.

When I took Crawford to daycare today, he practically jumped out of my hands. It was the cutest thing ever. I love sitting and watching him interact with the other children. One little boy crawled over to Crawford and they both starting squealing and crawled off together. They had their first birthday party today. The kids had animal cracker's and the birthday boy had a cup cake. Crawford's teacher said he could not take his eyes off of the cup cake!

Below are a few picture from tonight. We had a horrible rain storm so we were stuck inside. I decided to take a few pictures.
Someone is sleepy
Our little boy is growing up....He has started eating table food. His favorite meal by far is a Jelly(sugar-free) sandwich cut up into tiny pieces. It is the only thing has ate so far that has not missed his mouth. Usually I will find 1/2 of his meal in his chair. But he loves his Jelly sandwich!!!
While Jacob and I were eating dinner, Crawford crawled underneath the table. We thought for sure he would bump his head, but he fit perfect.
Crawford loves Water!! He tries to swim in the bath tub and he has learned to blow bubbles in the water! I keep telling him the water is dirty and No...but he thinks it's funny! So do I but I don't show it! His favorite thing to do is play with the water as we are filling the bath tub up.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Ears and Teeth and Pain ...Oh MY

We had a nice relaxing weekend with the exception of Crawford still being sick. We cannot wait until he is all better. We spent this morning in the doctors office. This would be the 2nd Monday in a row and 7th time this month. Crawford's ear infection has done nothing but progressively get worse since the beginning of the month. Dr. Erickson recommended we go to the Ear, Nose and Throat practice to have them see if Crawford needs tubes. I have been dreading this procedure b/c they put him to sleep, but we can not stand to see him sick any longer. We go next Wednesday to see what they suggest we should do. For the time being he is on another antibiotic that will hopefully work.
Crawford now has 2 teeth and 4 more coming in. The 4 that are coming in are his top teeth. It's funny how they all come in at the same time. It just adds to the pain of his ears!
On Friday, Crawford and I went to Hickory. We had a few things we needed to do. We were able to eat lunch with Erika and Leslie while we were in town. It has been 2 1/2 years since we all three have been together which was way to long. I will post a picture once I find my camera charger. :-) I took it with my old camera. It is always good to get together with them and catch up. It was their first time meeting Crawford. He loved them!

After lunch Crawford and I met my mom and the three of us went to see Andi and Miss Addison Jack. We had a great time and learned that Crawford was a little jealous when I held another baby. It didn't take long to forget about it once he saw all of Maddox's toys and since Maddox was not home, Crawford had them all to his self!! Addison is beautiful and such a good baby. Holding her reminded me of how small Crawford once was. I can hardly remember him being that small! I will post a few pictures of Addison soon. Below is one of Crawford riding Maddox's Train!

Mimi is pushing Crawford around the house
We had a nice quick visit with Mimi and then we were on our way back home.
Saturday Crawford spent a few hours over at Grammy's and Papa's house while I ran a few errands and Jacob went to a gun show (sounds like fun, I hate i missed it). Crawford had a great time. There is always so much for him to do over there. He gets worn out fast.
On Sunday, Jacob and I kept nursery at church. It was fairly easy b/c there were only 3 babies. Since Crawford was sick, Ryan and Casey came over and played with him. I know he had a blast even though he was not feeling well.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

10 Months Old

I know there is a lot of pictures below. I think these pictures turned out great and I had to share them with everyone. Jacob and I took these at his parents house today. I haven't had time to edit them but I think they turned out great. These are just a few of my favorites.

Also, Crawford went for his check up on his ears today. So far the shot has not worked, he had another one today and we go back in 2 weeks. If it is not better we will be going to the Ear...Nose and Throat Doctor! Luckily he is not fussy or 2 weeks would be a long time! I will keep you posted on how he is doing.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. We enjoyed taking them!

Molly watching over Crawford..she is so calm around him.

Crawford petting Molly's Paw
I know...I know..... for those of you that know Molly you cannot believe I would let her get so close to Crawford. Molly would not hurt a flea! She is harmless, sometimes annoying but harmless! I have always heard labs are great with Kids and Molly sure was yesterday. Jacob would have never have allowed them to get so close but I promise I was right with them and would not let anything happen to Crawford!

Monday, July 14, 2008

10 Months Old & Playing with Molly

Crawford is 10 Months Old today! 2 more months and he will be 1 and we cannot believe it! About this time last year I was ready to meet Crawford and little did i know I only had 2 short months but I was expecting 3 long months. He is so amazing and we could not imagine our life without him. I am so upset but my computer is broken tonight so I cannot add any pictures and I sure do have some cute ones.
While Jacob was outside today I let Crawford and Molly play. He is afraid Molly will bite Crawford playfully. As crazy as Molly is, I know she would not hurt Crawford. I kept a close eye on him the entire time. I could tell Crawford was just dying to play with her. He always goes to the back door and bangs on it until Molly comes up and rubs her nose all over it making it as dirty as she can. They played so good together. Molly was wonderful! Crawford loves her. He would rub her nose and pat her paws. It was so sweet. I promise to post pictures as soon as my computer is up and running (hopefully tomorrow).

Crawford had his 2nd shot for his ears today. We went for his checkup with Dr. Erickson(which we absolutely love) and his ears are not better. The right one is not as bad but the left is Bulging with Red and puss! Doesn't sound good. But he doesn't show it! Such a good boy!! I am so proud. However that shot must be painful! I almost cried before they even gave it to him because I was standing over him holding his hands and he was smiling at me. He had no idea it was coming and I did. I felt horrible. It didn't last two long. We go back tomorrow and will more than likely have one more shot!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Very Long Post

I feel like I have so much to update on! We had a great time at the beach last week. It was Crawford's first trip to the beach. We had planned on going earlier this summer but things came up at the last minute and we were not able to. We were very excited the Wiles let us join them for the 4th. We were planning on leaving Tuesday before the 4th. When I picked Crawford up from school I saw that he did not eat much, which is not normal for him. I had already taken him to the doctor twice the week before and there was no sign of an ear infection even though I had a feeling both times that he did. I guess it is mother's instinct. I decided I better run him to the doctor before we left for the beach that night. Jacob met me there and Crawford had an ear infection in both ears! We decided to wait and leave for the Beach on Wednesday. He seemed to get better while we were there but he never really stopped pulling at his ears! He finished his medicine this past week and he was still pulling at his ears. I just knew the infection was still there, so I called the nurse (who by the way, I think knows my voice), they told me to wait and see how he does over the weekend. If you know Crawford it is really hard to tell if he is sick or not because he is rarely really fussy, plus he is getting 2 teeth in. So how am I to know if it's just his teeth bothering him or if it's his ears. I guess it is just mother's instinct again. I called the nurse today, Crawford was laughing in the background the entire time. She even says, he sure does not sound sick! :-) Then I start second guessing myself. Well, I am glad I did not. We saw the doctor and his ear infection in both ears is not any better. They don't think the antibiotics work to well for him. So we started the first round of shots today and we go back tomorrow for another round. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it works. I dread him getting a shot again tomorrow. It breaks my heart to see him get so upset. But I would rather him have a shot than have to give him medicine for another week! Now I know why my mom always opted for shots. I would get so mad at her b/c I hated shots. But it is so much easier!

Anyway, Back to the Beach. Crawford loved the beach, water, boys and especially any girls we would see! He is the biggest flirt. He even got to play with Jack Craven. He went on his first boat ride. He did not really like the life jacket at first but he got used to it. Jeff and Hoban were so good with Crawford. Believe it or not, they are naturals with babies! Crawford loved hanging out with the boys. He even got to visit with Jack, Munroe, and Jonathan and Jessica. I am amazed at how good the boys are with Crawford.

Crawford is growing up so fast. It's amazing how babies learn how to do things. He is learning so much. As you could see on the post below. He has started walking with his Walker. So far, he will only do it in front of Jacob and I. He has grown attached to his red wagon. He will not let me take him out of it. He cried for 10 minutes the other night when I took him out. I really hated to take him out but it was late and I was so hot! He stayed mad at me for a while! Luckily he is not at the stage where he remembers those things for a while! Crawford is slowly but surely learning to eat and like table food. I think his ear problem has been part of the hold up. He is really becoming adjusted to his new class room at daycare. He was in a younger class. He just moved up to a class with kids his age and it has made the biggest difference. He used to go around steal all of the kids toys b/c they could not crawl, now he is with kids that can chase after him. I am not sure he likes that. Crawford is just like his dad in more ways than 1. I walked in his classroom last week and his teacher had the music on and was dancing. All of the kids were bouncing up and down and clapping. Crawford was the only one sitting with an expression on his face like what do I do! Just like his daddy! No dance moves!! It was so funny! I could go on and on but I will update you more through out the week. Crawford will be 10 Months old tomorrow! Below are some pictures from the weekend. I just got a new camera. I have no idea how to use it but I have been wanting it for while. If anyone knows anything about the Nikon D60, please let me know!

Beach Trip Pictures

Crawford loves to help me with the dishes. I can't keep him away from the dishwasher. Yesterday when I was unloading it, I turned around and he was on top of it.

We grilled out with some friends on Saturday. The guys played corn hole while us girls stayed inside. It was hot out! We had a great time and was glad everyone came over.

Conrad the Family Guy

Conrad took Crawford on a wagon ride around the yard. Archie and Molly escorted them !
Crawford has the boys wrapped around his fingers

The Girls and Crawford

Crawford Playing

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Moving with the Walker

I still need to add more beach pictures and update you on all the exciting things Crawford is now doing. But I had to post this tonight. Crawford is walking with his walker and he is waving! :-) Too Cute!

if you can not see the video above. Click on the link below.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th of July and Beach Trip

We just got back in from the Beach, and I took a million pictures while I was there. I am so tired, I decided to post just a few tonight and will update you on our family early this week. We had a great trip. Crawford had so much fun!!! I feel like I have a lot to update on. We all 3 have been sick this week. All with something different. By the way Crawford has been saying Da..Da... for some time now. I just want everyone to know, he officially says Ma.Ma. He said it all the time this week especially when he was upset about something. When he is Happy and in a good mood he says da.da.., oh well, I will take it anyway I can get it!!! Once we are settled and unpacked I will add some more picuters. I took over 200. :-)

Crawford on the 4th of July
It was not fun trying to get this flag away from him after the picture!

Crawford's first trip to the Beach

Crawford and Daddy

Crawford and Mommy
Crawling in the Sand

Crawford loved this puppy!

I hope he doesn't think he needs to eat like the puppy !
First Boat Ride
He did not like the life jackt. He did get used to it.

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