Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tubes are In!

We had very early morning. We all woke up at 5am, to go to the hospital. I guess Crawford new something was going on and was ready to go b/c he woke up before our alarm clock even went off. The procedure only took 15 minutes. We were on our way home before most were at work. Crawford took two very long naps today which I know he needed! He was such a good patient. The nurse loved him! He had to wear a baby girls gown b/c the boys was too big. I don't think he liked that but he got over it. Or maybe it was Jacob that didn't like it! Anyway, Dr. Alsup said his ears were very bad. So it is a good thing we got this done! We will go back in a few days for a followup! He said we should see improvements with Crawford by the end of the week. We love Dr. Alsup. He is so good! We are really glad he could fit us in his schedule!!
We had a very busy weekend like most! :-) Saturday we went to Skylar's 1st birthday party! We had fun. Crawford wanted to play we all of his toys. He recognized a few b/c he has them. They are his favorite toys at home. The ones that he screams over if we take them from him. Well of course he would see them and would jet over to take the birthday boys presents. Good thing Skylar was more interested in riding his new car than his presents. Oh yeah, Crawford had a fit over that car as well. He has one at his Papa and Grammy's house that he loves!!
Below are a few pictures from the weekend. I will add some more tomorrow.
We cooked out with Jacob's family on Saturday night after the birthday party. I will add those pictures tomorrow. I am tired and am ready for bed!!
Skylar with his parents. He got his Mommy on the face with his cake!

Two cute pictures of Crawford this weekend!

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