Monday, July 14, 2008

10 Months Old & Playing with Molly

Crawford is 10 Months Old today! 2 more months and he will be 1 and we cannot believe it! About this time last year I was ready to meet Crawford and little did i know I only had 2 short months but I was expecting 3 long months. He is so amazing and we could not imagine our life without him. I am so upset but my computer is broken tonight so I cannot add any pictures and I sure do have some cute ones.
While Jacob was outside today I let Crawford and Molly play. He is afraid Molly will bite Crawford playfully. As crazy as Molly is, I know she would not hurt Crawford. I kept a close eye on him the entire time. I could tell Crawford was just dying to play with her. He always goes to the back door and bangs on it until Molly comes up and rubs her nose all over it making it as dirty as she can. They played so good together. Molly was wonderful! Crawford loves her. He would rub her nose and pat her paws. It was so sweet. I promise to post pictures as soon as my computer is up and running (hopefully tomorrow).

Crawford had his 2nd shot for his ears today. We went for his checkup with Dr. Erickson(which we absolutely love) and his ears are not better. The right one is not as bad but the left is Bulging with Red and puss! Doesn't sound good. But he doesn't show it! Such a good boy!! I am so proud. However that shot must be painful! I almost cried before they even gave it to him because I was standing over him holding his hands and he was smiling at me. He had no idea it was coming and I did. I felt horrible. It didn't last two long. We go back tomorrow and will more than likely have one more shot!

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