Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th of July and Beach Trip

We just got back in from the Beach, and I took a million pictures while I was there. I am so tired, I decided to post just a few tonight and will update you on our family early this week. We had a great trip. Crawford had so much fun!!! I feel like I have a lot to update on. We all 3 have been sick this week. All with something different. By the way Crawford has been saying Da..Da... for some time now. I just want everyone to know, he officially says Ma.Ma. He said it all the time this week especially when he was upset about something. When he is Happy and in a good mood he says da.da.., oh well, I will take it anyway I can get it!!! Once we are settled and unpacked I will add some more picuters. I took over 200. :-)

Crawford on the 4th of July
It was not fun trying to get this flag away from him after the picture!

Crawford's first trip to the Beach

Crawford and Daddy

Crawford and Mommy
Crawling in the Sand

Crawford loved this puppy!

I hope he doesn't think he needs to eat like the puppy !
First Boat Ride
He did not like the life jackt. He did get used to it.

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