Sunday, June 29, 2008

Teething...Oh What Fun

I guess we had it easy with Crawford's first two teeth. They were his front bottom teeth and they came in quick and he was not terribly fussy. He did have an ear infection with them but that was all. No high temperature or lack of sleep. Well the two top teeth are a different story and are driving us all crazy! We went to the doctor twice this week for a temperature and fussiness. I just knew he had an ear infection. Apparently it is just his teeth. I am glad of that but feel so helpless. Finally tonight he does not have a temperature and I am hoping we can all get some sleep! Jacob went to bachelor party #2 this weekend so Crawford and I headed to Hickory. We are glad Jacob's friends are finally tying the knot!!! We had a great visit in Hickory with Mimi. We went to Asheville to visit Crawford's great Mimi, great aunt Glenda, and Great Aunt Vicki and Great Uncle Gary. On Sunday Crawford went to his first Birthday party! Ella Grace Taylor turned 1. We had so much fun! Below are some pictures from the weekend.

Crawford with his Great Aunt Vicki

Crawford with his Great Uncle Gary. Crawford reached out for him the minute he saw him

Crawford with Great Mimi

Taking a Bath in Mimi's Sink
Ella's Birthday Party

These pictures are a little out of order

Crawford watching Ella eating her Cake.

The princess herself
Bring me Cake!!!
Crawford in his Birthday Hat! He actually like it. I think!
Swinging on Ella's new swing set.
Me and Mandy with Crawford and Ella

Crawford is not sure what to do on this thing but he sure does look cute doing nothing!

I think the girls love him!
Just another picture of Crawford standing. He is getting so good at pulling up. I can't stop taking pictures! I am amazed at how fast they learn to do things!

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