Sunday, June 29, 2008

Teething...Oh What Fun

I guess we had it easy with Crawford's first two teeth. They were his front bottom teeth and they came in quick and he was not terribly fussy. He did have an ear infection with them but that was all. No high temperature or lack of sleep. Well the two top teeth are a different story and are driving us all crazy! We went to the doctor twice this week for a temperature and fussiness. I just knew he had an ear infection. Apparently it is just his teeth. I am glad of that but feel so helpless. Finally tonight he does not have a temperature and I am hoping we can all get some sleep! Jacob went to bachelor party #2 this weekend so Crawford and I headed to Hickory. We are glad Jacob's friends are finally tying the knot!!! We had a great visit in Hickory with Mimi. We went to Asheville to visit Crawford's great Mimi, great aunt Glenda, and Great Aunt Vicki and Great Uncle Gary. On Sunday Crawford went to his first Birthday party! Ella Grace Taylor turned 1. We had so much fun! Below are some pictures from the weekend.

Crawford with his Great Aunt Vicki

Crawford with his Great Uncle Gary. Crawford reached out for him the minute he saw him

Crawford with Great Mimi

Taking a Bath in Mimi's Sink
Ella's Birthday Party

These pictures are a little out of order

Crawford watching Ella eating her Cake.

The princess herself
Bring me Cake!!!
Crawford in his Birthday Hat! He actually like it. I think!
Swinging on Ella's new swing set.
Me and Mandy with Crawford and Ella

Crawford is not sure what to do on this thing but he sure does look cute doing nothing!

I think the girls love him!
Just another picture of Crawford standing. He is getting so good at pulling up. I can't stop taking pictures! I am amazed at how fast they learn to do things!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Growing up Fast

We had a great weekend. Jacob went to Charleston for a bachelor party and Crawford and I visited with Mimi, friends and family. I took a few days off from work so we could have a long visit. Below are a few pictures from the weekend and a few fun facts about Crawford.
9 Facts about Crawford
1. He has 2 Teeth and he knows how to use them
2. He can say Da.da.(he wakes up saying this and goes to sleep saying it), Hey, Ma.Ma(only when he cries)
3. He is starting to wave bye bye (only when he wants to, usually when the person he is waving to is not looking).
4. He does the chicken dance with his dancing chicken (only when he wants to, not when mommy wants him to show someone). I catch him doing it when he does not know I am watching him.
5. He Loves taking a bath. He thinks it is the pool and he splashes and splashes until I am soaking wet.
6. He is a speed crawler.
7. He is pulling up
8. He loves to hear people laugh
9. He is the love of our life. We do not know what we did without him! He makes everyone around him smile!

Look what I can do! I can hold my bottle!
Crawford loves his new travel chair. It is perfect to take when we go out of town.
Some one is not happy. How could I not take a picture of that pitiful face?
I am eating a Blueberry Muffin and I love it!!
Mimi and Crawford
Cousin Mark and Allison with Crawford
I need a picture of Crawford and Beth. The one I took did not turn out to good. Beth was in town for a few days from Utah. We wish we could have spent more time with her.
Crawford has more toys than he could possibly know what to do with but he would rather move his high chair across the room and play with the vacuum.

Look! I can pull myself up!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

9 Months Old
Today Crawford had his 9 Month old Check up and it went perfect! Dr. Erickson said he was absolutely perfect. We already knew this but it was nice to hear it. We absolutely love Dr. Erickson and look forward to seeing her at each checkup. Crawford weighed 18.2 lbs, he was 27 1/2 inches long, and his head was 18 Inches. He is a growing boy! Crawford has learned so much in the past month. He has mastered crawling and has moved on to pulling up. He is saying Hey and da.da. I think I heard today but I am not positive. But I am hopeful! :-) He is such a blessing and we enjoy each day we have with him! He brings a smile to our face even if we have had a rough day. One smile or laugh out of Crawford and our day has been made!

Crawford having fun at the doctors office. He did not even cry when the nurse pricked his finger
Grammy and Papa's House
Sunday afternoon we went to Grammy and Papa's house to cook out for Father's Day. Grammy and Papa got Crawford a few toys. Below are some pictures

Look at Me, I pulled myself up
Crawford's first taste of Birthday Cake (this picture is out of order)
This was from Granny Starnes Birthday party!

Mimi and Crawford
Mimi came up to visit Crawford on Sunday Afternoon. We had a great visit!

Happy Father's Day

We had a great Father's Day! Jacob is the best father to Crawford! Thanks Jacob for all that you do. Crawford and I love you very much!

Crawford, Jacob and Papa
Crawford and Mommy

Crawford and Grammy

Saturday, June 14th
On Saturday we went to South Carolina to visit Jacob's family. We first went to Whitmire where Tommy is from to drop the boys off to play in a golf tournament, then the girls and babies went out to lunch and then to Granny Starnes house. We had a great visit. The kids had a good time playing with each other. It was Granny Starnes birthday so we all went out for dinner when the boys got back from playing golf!
Can you tell the girls loved Crawford? They were so sweet. The loved on Crawford all day!
I think he was a little overwhelmed!
Great Aunt Linda (wow Linda that sounds old) but you don't look it!! :-)
Julie, Rebecca and Crawford
Julie and Rebecca were our flower girls in our wedding. They are such big girls now!

Crawford loved playing with Granny's wrapping paper and boxes.

Papa and Great Uncle Stan
There is no telling what he is telling Crawford!
Crawford and Granny Starnes on her Birthday
She is so lucky! She has 6 Great Grandchildren!

Great Grand Children
Josh and Crawford are the only Boys
Rebecca, Reaghan, Madeline and Julie run the show!
Crawford is making a run for it!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Crawford had a great weekend. It was his first time in a pool and he loved it. It has been so hot the water felt like bath water so I think Crawford thought he was taking a bath. Saturday we cooked out with the Elrod's & Sam's. It was nice to see everyone. Below are some pictures from the cookout and today when we came back to the pool. Sorry the pictures are a little out of order.

Crawford in the Baby Pool

Eating a snack before his big swim

Sitting on Daddy's lap still eating
Riding on my favorite toy (the leap frog fire truck)

Daddy and Crawford
Uncle Adam and Crawford
Julie and Crawford (Julie was our flower girl) She is so big now!
Josh, Crawford and Julie

Josh is all boy! It was all we could do to get him to sit down and take a picture but doesn't he look so sweet!!!

Who needs toys when he can just play in a bag!

Mommy and Crawford. First time in the pool!
Look at me!
Crawford's favorite spot in the kitchen. He finally learned how to shut the drawer with out smashing his fingers!
This is how we get through our meals when we go out to dinner! We get a bunch of rolls and let him chew on them!
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