Sunday, January 24, 2010

Life is CRAZY or am I????

Wow!!!! Things are so crazy for us! Other than the fact that I turned 30 last week and Jacob planned a sweet surprise dinner for me...nothing has been calm since. Not sure if that is what 30 is about or not??? So I am 24 Weeks pregnant with a two year old, working full time, digging in to the photography stuff, selling thirty-one, and on top of all of that we are buying a house and trying to sell ours!!!!!!!! Can you say Stressful!!! Anyone want a house in Winston-Salem?????

So at the moment I am so overwhelmed but know that it will all work out and be worth it!!! I am thankful that we will be in our new house before Caroline arrives but hope that our house will sale quickly!

So basically the picture below sums up how busy and crazy our life is right now!!
I plan on posting pictures from my birthday sometime.....For my birthday I got a Mac Computer!!!! Which I LOVE! but have not exactly learned how to use! and from above you can tell I don't really have time!!! I promise to keep this updated soon and to have birthday pictures up as well!!!! If I can just get through the next few weeks and if anyone wants to come de-clutter my house and clean it!!! Feel Free!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Visit with Aunt Bailee and Aunt Kaitlyn

Crawford and I went down to Lake Wiley to visit my sister’s Bailee and Kaitlyn a few weekends ago. We had a great time! Crawford had fun playing with his boat in the pool with Bailee and Kaitlyn even though it was freezing cold he did not want to come inside.

Below are a few pictures!!

_DSC0117 _DSC0115 



Tuckered out….almost asleep, although it was so cold I am not sure why he wants to sleep out there, however it is peaceful…maybe that is why! At any rate he enjoyed the one on one time.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Uh Oh….

We brought Crawford’s baby toys up from the basement to put in the nursery. He did not like the fact that they were for the baby…He said “Mama, not baby seat, MY SEAT!!!”

He played in this seat for at least an hour, I would have brought it up months ago if I knew it would occupy him for so long!  See below for a video of him and another toy. You might need to mute the music at the bottom of the page to hear. 




Christmas 2009

Crawford had so much fun this Christmas! He would get so excited over every gift. We could have wrapped empty boxes and I think he would have been happy! We enjoyed visiting with our family and friends over the holidays. We can hardly believe this is our last Christmas as a family of 3. Below are a few pictures from the Holidays.  We had our parents over Christmas morning to watch Crawford open Santa gifts and had a great breakfast with Ryan, Casey and Adam. _DSC0156 



    Mimi and Crawford


Toys, Toys and More Toys _DSC0032 



Nana and Pop Pop


Uncle Adam


Visiting Uncle Ryan at the Fire Station on New Years!




My Family Christmas after Christmas! It was delayed because of the snow. I hate I didn’t get more pictures of the family but we had a great time! Below is My Aunt Vicki, Mom, Uncle Gary and My Mimi with Crawford!


After church last Sunday, Crawford had to play out side even though it was felt like it was 15 degrees out! So we stayed out for 20 Minutes and it felt like an hour trying to bribe him to come inside!  _DSC0234 _DSC0241vintage_DSC0244

I still have pictures to update from Christmas with Jacob’s parents! I forgot my camera so am waiting on pictures. Stay tuned.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thermal Tote Sale

I promise to update this blog with very over due post this weekend! In between cleaning out Crawford’s room, turning the guest room into Caroline’s room, getting my house in order from Christmas, selling Thirty-One, doing a little photography, and working a full time job, I haven’t managed to get my blog updated but be assured I have plenty to share with you and it will be on here by the weekend!!!JanuaryCustomerSpecial

These totes make a great gift or would be great just for your self! there are so many uses you can get out of them and best part not only are they on sale but the embroidery is 1/2 off as well. Send me an email if your interested in getting one or two! :-) I plan on order a few!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

21 weeks

Well…I am so behind on Christmas post, hopefully I will fit them in this week! I thought I should at least post a belly picture, since I haven’t so far. Caroline is growing by the minute or at least I hope she is because I sure am! I feel my belly getting bigger every day! Wow, it happens a lot faster the 2nd time! Crawford is grasping the concept of a baby better now! He points to my Tummy and says baby and he likes to Kiss my tummy! When we put all of the Christmas decorations up today we got all the baby stuff out to begin the nursery! Crawford played on the baby toys all day, and every time I said those are for the baby, he looked at me as serious as he could and NO….not babies….mine!! So ……we have a little ways to go on working this out! He sat in the baby seat all day!!! If  I would have known it would occupy him for so long, I would have brought it up weeks ago! He played in it for at least an hour! That’s a record at our house for playing with one toy! I think he did it because I called it the babies! We have so much going on in the next few weeks and somewhere in between it all I plan on redecorating Crawford’s room into a Big Boy room! We have ordered his new bed and bedding. I can’t wait to see the finished room!  Next I will be working on Caroline’s which I believe Jacob is going to go Crazy when I have to find a place for all of the stuff in our guest bedroom!! We are running out of places to store things!!

We will be 22 weeks this week. Caroline is kicking like Crazy! I have had heart burn so bad and my back already hurts! But other than that everything is going just great! The sickness is over and I don’t think I have time to be tired anymore!!! Too much to do! As usual, I take on way more than I can handle and on top of everything I decided to start the book twilight which I haven’t been able to put down! I thought I would be finished yesterday  but unexpectingly Crawford cried most of the way home yesterday from Ashville, which made it near impossible to read!!! I don’t lack much though so I hope to squeeze it in soon!

I promise to post some Christmas Pictures soon, we had so much fun this year and can’t believe next year Caroline will be with us!!!!




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