Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crawford Caught His First Fish!

Tonight we went over to Jacob’s parents house for a cookout for Aunt Casey’s brother Chip. Crawford borrowed Casey’s nieces fishing pole (which is a pink princess one) and he caught 2 fish! I am not sure he knew what to think. He would not put the pole down and he would not get near the fish!

Aunt Casey and Uncle Ryan helping Crawford fish!

First Fish20090729_0001  First Fish20090729_0002 First Fish20090729_0003 First Fish20090729_0005

Uncle Adam and Crawford (I think Crawford is mad he has to use the girl fishing pole)

First Fish20090729_0004  

Trying to catch fish #2

First Fish20090729_0007 First Fish20090729_0008

Uncle Ryan Helping

First Fish20090729_0006

He did it (with the help of Aunt Casey)

First Fish20090729_0009

We had no idea that Crawford would already like fishing so much….so Pop Pop is off to get him a fishing pole tomorrow! I know Crawford can’t wait to fish again!

Monday, July 27, 2009

22 Months

We are having so much fun at 22 Months! Crawford is such a ham and he knows it! He definitely coming more and more out of his shell.He is putting more words together and his forming 2 & 3 word sentences. :-) Eat Mama, Eat Dada, No Mama, No Dada, No dog, bye truck, hey truck, mine jeep, my night night, thank you pop pop, eat neigh, draw mama, my draw, my bike, dada truck, my truck, bye truck…..are a few of his latest sentences! He constantly talks around Jacob and I, sometimes getting really frustrated when he can’t exactly tell us what he wants. He does a good job of pointing and crying until we frantically figure it out!  He is starting to learn the alphabet and counts to 3. He still LOVES to cuddle with Mommy! Every night and morning he snuggles up with me and rubs my hair! He cries if I try to get up to get ready to work! He loves drawing on anything and everything (I learned this the hard way). He absolutely would rather be outside than anywhere else. He loves his jeep and bike! He loves to play with molly even though Molly doesn’t feel the same! He pulls her tail which she hates. If Crawford is near the door Molly will not come inside. I have to get Crawford away before she will even consider coming in.

Below are a few of his favorite toys

We do not go far with out Thomas! Often times he wants to take him to sleep! It’s amazing to me house fast they become attach to things.


He loves to play with his golf clubs…he has the set below and a real set that Pop Pop got him!


He loves to play with his tee ball set. He got the one below for his birthday last year. It’s great for his age! It came from target. It blows up so everything is soft. So when he tries to bop me on the head it doesn’t hurt!

21lsFg%2BJuPL__SL500_AA250_  The three men with this set…go everywhere with his. Crawford calls them “Hat” and he wants all 3. He goes around yelling “hat..hat…hat”51SjtosHnML__SL500_AA280_

Jeep….enough said, you can tell from our previous post….he is in love with this thing. I plan on putting a video up soon of him driving!  pTRU1-4025068reg These are just a few of his favorites!

I say it every month…but these 22 months have been the best months of our life! Crawford brings so much joy to us and everyone he is around! He is loved so much! He has taught us so much about life in his short time with us! A day does not go by that he doesn’t make us laugh!

Please Pray

Click link below! My heart breaks for them! Please Pray for Stellan!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Going to the horse farm….

After Skylar’s birthday party we took off to meet Jacob’s parents in Denton, NC to to see some horses. I changed Crawford into his Camouflage  Polo (this is the one and only piece of camo I have ever bought him)! I figure this way he is still a little preppy?? We put on his cowboy boots and he was ready to go! He ran around yelling “Neigh…Neigh”!DSC_0191 DSC_0197 DSC_0206 DSC_0207

We had to leave Skylar's birthday party early, so Crawford missed out on the yummy cake! Aunt Casey made him Cup Cakes to make up for it! I think it worked! Thanks Casey!

DSC_0257 Below is a picture of the horses here in Winston at Jacob’s Parents….the one in the middle is Jacob’s!


Skylar turns 2!

Skylar turns two and let me tell you it was Hot….Hot….Hot!!! He had a Truck Theme! We had  a great time! All of the kids had Hard Hats! Crawford loved his! Below are a few pictures from the party!

The Birthday Boy!


Skylar and his Dad! DSC_0168

Cute Hard Hat Cupcakes and Bounce House! Crawford loved the Bounce house!

 DSC_0175 DSC_0163

Crawford and daddy in the photo booth!


Thanks Skylar for inviting us! We had a great time and hope you had a very Happy Birthday!

Driving…Driving and More Driving!


Crawford loves to Drive….his jeep…his bike….and his tractor! He Can drive so good with no help at all! He can turn, put it in reverse, and weave around anything. We are surprised he can drive so good! I think he already drives better than his dad!

DSC_0099He also loves Riding the Golf Cart! Grammy and Pop Pop took him for a ride and they picked me flowers!! So Sweet!!  DSC_0117Jacob taking Crawford for a ride on his Bike!  DSC_0074

The Jeep!!! He says jeep from the minute we get in the car in the mornings and as soon as we pull up in the afternoon! Jeep…Jeep…Jeep! He loves it!


Uncle Ryan is making Crawford Laugh!


Uncle Ryan is worn out after playing with Crawford….Crawford is not done!! He is trying to help him get up and play some more!


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Treyton’s Turned 2

We went to Treyton’s Birthday party last Saturday at the Little Gym in Greensboro, however right after I came down with a horrible cold and am just now getting better!! Crawford had so much fun paying with his friends from school! Below are a few pictures!

Jacob helping Crawford do a front roll! He learned how to do it at Ella’s party a few weeks ago!

DSC_0006 Birthday Boy Tretyon turns 2!


Clean Up ….Clean UpDSC_0019

Watching Tretyon Open Presents! Not sure where all of the other kids are. :-)


Yummy Cake! 


Giving the Birthday boy a Hug! Thanks Tretyon for inviting us to your party! We had a blast! 


Monday, July 13, 2009

Beach Pictures Part II

Crawford has so much fun on the Beach. We were not sure how he would be. It seems like just a few months ago he was scared of everything and now he is not scared of ANYTHING! He LOVED the water! He Loved the rides! The only thing he didn’t like was stopping to sit at a restaurant and eat! He would not sit still for a second.


It doesn’t get better than taking  a nap on the Beach! DSC_0005

Watch Out! Crawford and Caleb are driving! They had a great time playing together! Caleb is SO SWEET! He helped Crawford do whatever he wanted to do and loved pushing him in his stroller! I wish the bar was not blocking his sweet little face!

DSC_0053 copy DSC_0057

Driving the BoatDSC_0077 copy



Sunday, July 12, 2009

Beach Trip

We had a great time at the Beach! Crawford LOVED every minute of it!

Below are a few pictures…I have so many…I will be adding more this week.

Our first day was rainy but it didn’t stop us from having fun. We did a little shopping and played on the Beach.

BeachBlog20090709_0036 BeachBlog20090709_0037

Grammy and Pop Pop had so much fun playing with Crawford.

BeachBlog20090709_0038 BeachBlog20090709_0039


Playing with Thomas everywhere we go! BeachBlog20090712_0050BeachBlog20090712_0051

Enjoying a snack in the Wagon! BeachBlog20090710_0042

Walking with Daddy at Broadway! BeachBlog20090710_0043

Jeep…Jeep…Jeep is what Crawford said over and over! He road them at least 3 times and cried every time we had to take him off. BeachBlog20090710_0044

Emily Crawford Jacob

This truck was pushed for miles on the Beach! BeachBlog20090711_0046

We met our friends Julie and Adam and their son Caleb two nights (many cute pictures to come). We wanted to see Caleb jump and ended up letting Crawford jump. He had so much fun and did so good! BeachBlog20090711_0047 BeachBlog20090711_0048 BeachBlog20090711_0049

We had a nice vacation and look forward to another real soon! Check back for more pictures in a few days of Caleb and Crawford having so much fun! And more details of our Beach Trip...for now I must go unpack!

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