Sunday, July 12, 2009

Beach Trip

We had a great time at the Beach! Crawford LOVED every minute of it!

Below are a few pictures…I have so many…I will be adding more this week.

Our first day was rainy but it didn’t stop us from having fun. We did a little shopping and played on the Beach.

BeachBlog20090709_0036 BeachBlog20090709_0037

Grammy and Pop Pop had so much fun playing with Crawford.

BeachBlog20090709_0038 BeachBlog20090709_0039


Playing with Thomas everywhere we go! BeachBlog20090712_0050BeachBlog20090712_0051

Enjoying a snack in the Wagon! BeachBlog20090710_0042

Walking with Daddy at Broadway! BeachBlog20090710_0043

Jeep…Jeep…Jeep is what Crawford said over and over! He road them at least 3 times and cried every time we had to take him off. BeachBlog20090710_0044

Emily Crawford Jacob

This truck was pushed for miles on the Beach! BeachBlog20090711_0046

We met our friends Julie and Adam and their son Caleb two nights (many cute pictures to come). We wanted to see Caleb jump and ended up letting Crawford jump. He had so much fun and did so good! BeachBlog20090711_0047 BeachBlog20090711_0048 BeachBlog20090711_0049

We had a nice vacation and look forward to another real soon! Check back for more pictures in a few days of Caleb and Crawford having so much fun! And more details of our Beach Trip...for now I must go unpack!

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