Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crawford Caught His First Fish!

Tonight we went over to Jacob’s parents house for a cookout for Aunt Casey’s brother Chip. Crawford borrowed Casey’s nieces fishing pole (which is a pink princess one) and he caught 2 fish! I am not sure he knew what to think. He would not put the pole down and he would not get near the fish!

Aunt Casey and Uncle Ryan helping Crawford fish!

First Fish20090729_0001  First Fish20090729_0002 First Fish20090729_0003 First Fish20090729_0005

Uncle Adam and Crawford (I think Crawford is mad he has to use the girl fishing pole)

First Fish20090729_0004  

Trying to catch fish #2

First Fish20090729_0007 First Fish20090729_0008

Uncle Ryan Helping

First Fish20090729_0006

He did it (with the help of Aunt Casey)

First Fish20090729_0009

We had no idea that Crawford would already like fishing so much….so Pop Pop is off to get him a fishing pole tomorrow! I know Crawford can’t wait to fish again!

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