Sunday, November 30, 2008

Grammy and Poppy

Friday Crawford went over to play with Grammy and Poppy! Below are a few pictures of them playing in the leaves. He loves playing at their house. Especially outside. There is so much for him to do and take in.

They're Getting Married!!

Yes you read it right! Uncle Ryan and Soon to be Aunt Casey are getting Married! We are so excited!!! They got engaged this past Friday!!

Gobble Gobble - What a long day but Thankful Day

We left our house at 9AM for South Carolina for Thanksgiving Lunch! We had so much fun seeing everyone! Crawford chased all of the girls and Josh around. He was not fast enough to catch them but that didn't stop him. Below are a few pictures from our stop in S.C before we headed to Asheville for Dinner.

Crawford and the Girls. Not sure if he is too excited about this Picture!

Josh is now in the picture

Crawford waiting for someone to give him five!

Thanks Josh

Family Picture! My eyes are closed but its hard to get a picture of a group this big and all of the other pictures Crawford is flipping out in!

Family Picture and Crawford did not want to be part of it! It was Nap time!

Uncle Adam Playing Soccer with the boys

Finally a Nap! He fell asleep putting Cheerios in his mouth! We were on our way to Asheville for dinner!

We had a great dinner in Asheville with my family! It was so good to see everyone. Crawford had a great time playing and the food was so good! After a great dinner we headed back to Winston! (Yes we Know! We are Crazy!) Too much traveling in one day, especially with a 1 year old! He Cried for at least an hour on the way home! But we enjoyed seeing all of our family that we do not get to see too often! Next year Can everyone bring food to our house???

Below are a few pictures at my Aunt Vicki and Uncle Gary's. Sorry, I didn't get a picture with them. Crawford was not in the picture taking mood!

Can someone please take me for a ride in this wagon?

Mommy, Crawford and Mimi

Forgot his eating seat so Crawford had two Picnics!

We had Thanksgiving at Jacob's Granny Doby in Winston on Friday. We had so much fun and it was nice to visit with everyone. I forgot my camera!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Boots

Crawford got a new pair of boots this weekend from Walmart :-). I am not a big fan of Camouflage but Jacob often reminds me that Crawford is a boy and it is OK for him to wear it. So I broke down and bought Crawford these boots. Trust me they were cheap...I would not have spent good money for them but they are cute and he loves them. For the record I bought him his first pair of Sperry's last week and they are adorable! He loves them also! So one day he is a prep and the next a country boy!
The Picture below is right after his bath and we had not found his brush yet! So excuse the hair! Can you tell by his big smile....he likes the boots!
Crawford is learning so much I feel like I could write everyday something new he has learned. I had to share the two new things he is doing. When you ask him what a cow says, he says "oooooh" He just can't get the M part! He is also learning please in sign language. He hasn't got it yet but we can tell he is trying b/c he makes a funny motion with his hands every time we say it but it's just not exactly the right motion. He will do it over and over again! Oh yeah, and if you know Crawford you know he loves to blow kisses. Well I am not sure if him blowing kisses is as sincere as we once thought it was. Lately if he is scared and wants to leave he starts blowing kisses. He starts saying bye and blows kisses. At Uncle Ryan's today we were looking at a deer he started clinching onto my arm and kissing at the deer. I don't think those kisses were kisses of love but rather kisses goodbye! :-)
Were looking forward to visiting all of our family over Thanksgiving. We can't wait for everyone to see how much Crawford has grown. I know he is going to have fun playing with all of the kids. Last time he was with them all he could do was crawl. Now he will be running after them! Probably falling a lot but trust me he will be running!
We hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. We have so much to be Thankful for! We are truly a blessed family!

Having fun with Uncle Ryan and Casey

Uncle Ryan and Casey Came over to visit today. Uncle Ryan just got back from a hunting trip. Since he was wearing his Carhartt's we thought it was appropriate to put Crawford in the ones Uncle Ryan got him! Since he was ready for bed I just slipped them on over his PJ's.! The fit perfect. Crawford had so much fun playing with them. He went straight to sleep when the left.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Worn Out

This morning Crawford had so much fun at Jymboree. He did not stop running. He was all over the place. He has so much fun there! He is such a ham! He runs all over but really does not know how to stop, so of course he busted his lip but it wasn't too bad and he never even cried! He loves Jymbo the Puppet. He runs up and hugs and kisses him every time he sees him! After Jymboree we came home and played some more and then ate lunch. I turned around and Crawford was fast asleep! I guess he was worn out from playing so much!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's almost Gobble Gobble Time

Crawford wore his cute Turkey Shirt today that Meredith at The Pink Poppy seed made him.
I updated the post below with pictures! For some reason they did not show up earlier this week!

Monday, November 17, 2008

14 Months

Wow! I can't believe Crawford is 14th Months! This time last year I was heading back to work! Oh how hard it was to leave Crawford! 14 months later and he has changed so much!

We had a great weekend! Not too much planned just a lot of playing and relaxing a little (at least during Nap Time). Crawford is really starting to come out of his shell. His is so funny and I think he knows it. He laughs all of the time...well except for the few times he pitches a fit when he doesn't get his way! Man he really knows how to pitch a fit these days! But for the most part he is all smiles! He is still blowing kisses to anyone he sees. He is no longer walking but is running everywhere but he sometimes is not too sure how to stop. He has me worried sick he is going to get hurt! I can't tell you how many times I have saved him from going head first into something! He has no fear!! He does listen well and I know he comprehends the word NO. He just is selective as to when he will listen or pretend like he doesn't hear us or he will look at us, smile and go for whatever we told him No for and then will laugh!! It's amazing to see how much he has learned. He is picking up new words every day. Yesterday when I asked him if he wanted to go outside and play he jumped up and ran to the door. I was so surprised he knew where to go. He loves playing outside! He gives the best hugs and kisses and he likes to give them to Molly at School! This week he said Shoe and pointed to his feet when I was putting his shoe on. He has learned where is Tummy and nose is but he would rather tell you where Mommy and Daddy's nose is and pull on it as hard as he can. He loves books! He still wants to take one to bed with him and pitches one of his fits if I try to slide it out of his hands. He has become very independent and does not want any help especially when it comes to eating. If he could only get his spoon going in the right direction I wouldn't mind that he wants to feed himself! :-) He is growing up before our eyes so fast! I feel like we blink and he has already changed.

Below are a few pictures from the weekned.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend with Mimi

This past weekend Jacob and I went to Gatlinburg with a few friends. Crawford stayed with his Mimi and they had so much fun! We had a great time and it was so nice to sleep in a little. It was so nice of Crawford to decide to sleep a little longer while he was at Mimi's. Crawford will be 14 Months this week! He is learning so much and changing day by day. The most recent things he is doing is signing for More. He has been able to say more but now he signs more as he says it and if he does not get more quick then he starts signing as fast as he can as if he is going to get it faster if he does that! It's the cutest thing ever! He also is saying "Thank You". He says it after we hand him something. He will say "Tank Choo". It is so cute when he says it and I was so surprised to hear him say it.

Crawford playing with My old toys. He loves them.

Crawford and Mimi

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wearing Daddy's Coat

Crawford spent the day with Grammy today and had a great time. It was such a beautiful day.
Below is a picture Grammy took today of Crawford in Jacobs Coat and Hat. Too Cute! Crawford looks just like Jacob as a baby. I will post some pictures next week for you to see for yourself!

Last week was picture day at daycare! Below is my favorite!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Strep Throat and Plenty of Kisses

4 Days of Crankiness and at least a couple dozen kisses later.....we find out Crawford has Strep Throat! I took him this morning for his flu shot. We were just supposed to see the nurse for the shot and then be on our way. Thankfully....Crawford's Crankiness and my lack of sleep was getting to me. So I decided maybe I should ask to see the doctor and hopefully she could tell me something. I was convinced he was just teething! That's what I tell myself every time he gets cranky b/c it feels like they are constantly getting new teeth and I know it must be painful! So I figure he must be getting his 1 year molars! Well I could have not been more wrong! I asked the doctor to look at his ears just to make sure they were OK. With all the Ear problems we used to have I always panic thinking the problems are back! No Ear problems they were crystal clear! Thankfully!! So then I mention the teeth thing! She looks around and says well I guess they are a little swollen but not much...but he does have white patches in his mouth. So we took a strep test and it was positive. My heart sank! I felt horrible. My little baby has probably had this for a few days and I had no idea. No fever or anything. So needless to say I got to have a well needed day off with my sweet little boy and I so enjoyed it! I think he did too! I think he was finally happy his Mommy finally understood what he was trying to tell her. He was sick and that is why he was cranky! Luckily they gave Crawford a shot and we were on our way. No having to keep up with taking medicine everyday! We came straight home, well after meeting Grammy for Lunch and Ice Cream. I could not help but treat Crawford to some good cold Ice Cream to his little soar throat! It was the least I could do!! (well actually Grammy treated us! Thanks!) After a very long nap we played all afternoon.
I have mentioned before that Crawford is such a kisser these days. Blowing Kisses and Real Kisses. Well he is picky who he will give a real kiss to but he blows kisses to EVERYONE! I think it is his way of saying hello! He gave me at least 20 real kisses last night before I knew about the strep! :-) Well today I asked him to give his Elephant some love just seeing what he would do! Little did I know he would kiss every animal in the room (more than one time). So I guess they all have strep also!! Below are some cute pictures of him in action!
Kissing the Elephant

Loving on the Bunny

Kissing another Bunny

and another kiss
The Frog

Reading to his friends

Going in for a kiss for Sock Monkey

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Crawford Climbing and a little Dance

Crawford is climbing all over everything. He is into everything! On Friday night before bed, he climbed right up on the ottoman and stood right up. It amazes me how he figures out how to get on and off of the ottoman. He knows that he has to back right off.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Weekend

Friday Crawford had a Halloween Party at school. He LOVED the food! If you can't tell from the picture! He tried to steal other kids food! We had a great time! Halloween night we visited a few friends in the neighborhood to show off Crawford all dressed up and then headed home to to grill out with friends and hand out Candy!

On Saturday I went to the Women of Faith Conference in Greensboro. I went with my friend Jayne and had such a good time. Grammy took Crawford to Gymboree. I know they had a great time and Crawford showed her all the fun things he likes to do there. He really loves it. That might be where he learned how to climb so well! I know Grammy and Crawford had a good time spending time together. Pamela and Skylar visited and were able to capture the picture below of them! Crawford is on one of his favorite things!

After Gymboree Crawford was all Jacob's for the rest of the day! It sounds like they had a lot of fun. They even cleaned the house! Then they headed over to watch football with the boys! Unfortunately I ended up being sick the rest of the weekend (that's the reason for a lack of pictures). Jacob was so great and took Crawford out so I could get some well needed rest! I know Crawford had so much fun with his daddy this weekend and I enjoyed coming home to a clean house! I might do this more often!! :-) Jacob said it was a piece of cake!

Welcome to your New Home Uncle Adam

Uncle Adam moved into his new home on Friday. We stopped by to see it and Crawford helped him do a little unpacking! We wanted to make sure it was baby proof so we could drop Crawford off Real soon with Uncle Adam while we grab some dinner! :-)

Crawford Helping out!

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