Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Weekend

Friday Crawford had a Halloween Party at school. He LOVED the food! If you can't tell from the picture! He tried to steal other kids food! We had a great time! Halloween night we visited a few friends in the neighborhood to show off Crawford all dressed up and then headed home to to grill out with friends and hand out Candy!

On Saturday I went to the Women of Faith Conference in Greensboro. I went with my friend Jayne and had such a good time. Grammy took Crawford to Gymboree. I know they had a great time and Crawford showed her all the fun things he likes to do there. He really loves it. That might be where he learned how to climb so well! I know Grammy and Crawford had a good time spending time together. Pamela and Skylar visited and were able to capture the picture below of them! Crawford is on one of his favorite things!

After Gymboree Crawford was all Jacob's for the rest of the day! It sounds like they had a lot of fun. They even cleaned the house! Then they headed over to watch football with the boys! Unfortunately I ended up being sick the rest of the weekend (that's the reason for a lack of pictures). Jacob was so great and took Crawford out so I could get some well needed rest! I know Crawford had so much fun with his daddy this weekend and I enjoyed coming home to a clean house! I might do this more often!! :-) Jacob said it was a piece of cake!

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