Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend with Mimi

This past weekend Jacob and I went to Gatlinburg with a few friends. Crawford stayed with his Mimi and they had so much fun! We had a great time and it was so nice to sleep in a little. It was so nice of Crawford to decide to sleep a little longer while he was at Mimi's. Crawford will be 14 Months this week! He is learning so much and changing day by day. The most recent things he is doing is signing for More. He has been able to say more but now he signs more as he says it and if he does not get more quick then he starts signing as fast as he can as if he is going to get it faster if he does that! It's the cutest thing ever! He also is saying "Thank You". He says it after we hand him something. He will say "Tank Choo". It is so cute when he says it and I was so surprised to hear him say it.

Crawford playing with My old toys. He loves them.

Crawford and Mimi

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