Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gobble Gobble - What a long day but Thankful Day

We left our house at 9AM for South Carolina for Thanksgiving Lunch! We had so much fun seeing everyone! Crawford chased all of the girls and Josh around. He was not fast enough to catch them but that didn't stop him. Below are a few pictures from our stop in S.C before we headed to Asheville for Dinner.

Crawford and the Girls. Not sure if he is too excited about this Picture!

Josh is now in the picture

Crawford waiting for someone to give him five!

Thanks Josh

Family Picture! My eyes are closed but its hard to get a picture of a group this big and all of the other pictures Crawford is flipping out in!

Family Picture and Crawford did not want to be part of it! It was Nap time!

Uncle Adam Playing Soccer with the boys

Finally a Nap! He fell asleep putting Cheerios in his mouth! We were on our way to Asheville for dinner!

We had a great dinner in Asheville with my family! It was so good to see everyone. Crawford had a great time playing and the food was so good! After a great dinner we headed back to Winston! (Yes we Know! We are Crazy!) Too much traveling in one day, especially with a 1 year old! He Cried for at least an hour on the way home! But we enjoyed seeing all of our family that we do not get to see too often! Next year Can everyone bring food to our house???

Below are a few pictures at my Aunt Vicki and Uncle Gary's. Sorry, I didn't get a picture with them. Crawford was not in the picture taking mood!

Can someone please take me for a ride in this wagon?

Mommy, Crawford and Mimi

Forgot his eating seat so Crawford had two Picnics!

We had Thanksgiving at Jacob's Granny Doby in Winston on Friday. We had so much fun and it was nice to visit with everyone. I forgot my camera!!

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