Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Boots

Crawford got a new pair of boots this weekend from Walmart :-). I am not a big fan of Camouflage but Jacob often reminds me that Crawford is a boy and it is OK for him to wear it. So I broke down and bought Crawford these boots. Trust me they were cheap...I would not have spent good money for them but they are cute and he loves them. For the record I bought him his first pair of Sperry's last week and they are adorable! He loves them also! So one day he is a prep and the next a country boy!
The Picture below is right after his bath and we had not found his brush yet! So excuse the hair! Can you tell by his big smile....he likes the boots!
Crawford is learning so much I feel like I could write everyday something new he has learned. I had to share the two new things he is doing. When you ask him what a cow says, he says "oooooh" He just can't get the M part! He is also learning please in sign language. He hasn't got it yet but we can tell he is trying b/c he makes a funny motion with his hands every time we say it but it's just not exactly the right motion. He will do it over and over again! Oh yeah, and if you know Crawford you know he loves to blow kisses. Well I am not sure if him blowing kisses is as sincere as we once thought it was. Lately if he is scared and wants to leave he starts blowing kisses. He starts saying bye and blows kisses. At Uncle Ryan's today we were looking at a deer he started clinching onto my arm and kissing at the deer. I don't think those kisses were kisses of love but rather kisses goodbye! :-)
Were looking forward to visiting all of our family over Thanksgiving. We can't wait for everyone to see how much Crawford has grown. I know he is going to have fun playing with all of the kids. Last time he was with them all he could do was crawl. Now he will be running after them! Probably falling a lot but trust me he will be running!
We hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. We have so much to be Thankful for! We are truly a blessed family!

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