Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Strep Throat and Plenty of Kisses

4 Days of Crankiness and at least a couple dozen kisses later.....we find out Crawford has Strep Throat! I took him this morning for his flu shot. We were just supposed to see the nurse for the shot and then be on our way. Thankfully....Crawford's Crankiness and my lack of sleep was getting to me. So I decided maybe I should ask to see the doctor and hopefully she could tell me something. I was convinced he was just teething! That's what I tell myself every time he gets cranky b/c it feels like they are constantly getting new teeth and I know it must be painful! So I figure he must be getting his 1 year molars! Well I could have not been more wrong! I asked the doctor to look at his ears just to make sure they were OK. With all the Ear problems we used to have I always panic thinking the problems are back! No Ear problems they were crystal clear! Thankfully!! So then I mention the teeth thing! She looks around and says well I guess they are a little swollen but not much...but he does have white patches in his mouth. So we took a strep test and it was positive. My heart sank! I felt horrible. My little baby has probably had this for a few days and I had no idea. No fever or anything. So needless to say I got to have a well needed day off with my sweet little boy and I so enjoyed it! I think he did too! I think he was finally happy his Mommy finally understood what he was trying to tell her. He was sick and that is why he was cranky! Luckily they gave Crawford a shot and we were on our way. No having to keep up with taking medicine everyday! We came straight home, well after meeting Grammy for Lunch and Ice Cream. I could not help but treat Crawford to some good cold Ice Cream to his little soar throat! It was the least I could do!! (well actually Grammy treated us! Thanks!) After a very long nap we played all afternoon.
I have mentioned before that Crawford is such a kisser these days. Blowing Kisses and Real Kisses. Well he is picky who he will give a real kiss to but he blows kisses to EVERYONE! I think it is his way of saying hello! He gave me at least 20 real kisses last night before I knew about the strep! :-) Well today I asked him to give his Elephant some love just seeing what he would do! Little did I know he would kiss every animal in the room (more than one time). So I guess they all have strep also!! Below are some cute pictures of him in action!
Kissing the Elephant

Loving on the Bunny

Kissing another Bunny

and another kiss
The Frog

Reading to his friends

Going in for a kiss for Sock Monkey

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Terry - Pamela - Skylar - Ralph said...

I'm so sorry Crawford has strepp.
:( Poor little guy. Skylar has been coughing like crazy and I think he has a sore throat too, but hopefully not strepp. Unofrtunately, we do see two openings for his teeth, so unlike I thought Tuesday about it being one, it's 2!!! Skylar is still giving us open kisses, ahah! So, we have sloppy faces at our household, ahah! Be thankful, hee hee. :)

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