Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Weekend of Fun

A lot of updates this weekend!

Growing up Fast

The McKay Birthday Party ~ Double the fun!



Thanks Mimi for coming to visit this weekend! We already miss you! Since you have been to visit twice in the past few weeks and we have not one picture!!! This video is for you! We love you!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The McKay Birthday Party ~ Double the fun!

The McKay girls (Taylor and Caroline) birthday’s are 2 years and 1 day apart! Yes their mom is super woman!!!  They had an amazing Sweet Shop Birthday party and we had so much fun! Luckily the rain stopped so we could go outside and play with all of the “Girl” toys! Below are a few pictures that I took of all the fabulous decorations!















Sweet Caroline turns  1!

Caroline1  Caroline2

Taylor turns 3 and is on the go! This is the only picture I was able to get of her because she was on the go with her friend Jacob!! Look at her riding in the jeep with Jacob and leaning her head on him. I think it is so sweet that they are such good friends!!


Caroline and her cute outfit. Taylor had one to match but she quickly changed into her swimsuit!

DSC_0057Crawford had a lot of fun playing with the girls toys! There was pink  everywhere but he didn’t mind!


Oh how daddy will be proud….. he found the golf clubs!


Once Again Sweet Caroline

  DSC_0089 Caroline3 DSC_0116


Thanks for having us Girls ….we had a blast!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Growing up Fast

We are ready for this weekend to get here. Why do the weeks go by slow and weekends so fast! Well actually even though the week seems slow…Crawford is going to be TWO soon so it really is ALL going by too fast!! Below are a few pictures from last Thursday.

Thursday was Favorite Team day at school! According to Uncle Adam it would be Carolina, Daddy and Pop Pop would be Clemson, Conrad it would be Tennessee, Hoban & Mark and GiGi it would be the Wake….but according to Crawford and Grammy it is The Panther’s! The biggest reason is I forgot he was supposed to wear his favorite team shirt to school until the last minute and he cannot fit in to any of his team shirts above so Grammy went to buy him one and below is what she found! I think she did good and He looks as cute as can be!! So Crawford says Go Panther’s!!!!


Helping Daddy wash his Truck!


Mimi came to visit on Friday and we went to Grammy and Pop Pop’s to see the “neigh” (as Crawford would say) and to take a few Pictures!

I was telling Crawford to show me his tongue but he thought I said Tummy!


Petting the Horses with Pop Pop


Walking down to his favorite place to throw rocks!


Our little boy is growing up and looking like a Big Boy!! 23 months

Speaking of Growing up….I of course don’t just write in Crawford’s blog but I read a lot of blogs as well. I found this message below on a blog this weekend! I think it is so true! Time goes by so fast. It seems like yesterday we were little kids running around and now we have a kid of our own. Since having Crawford I have never felt so disorganized and tired! :-) The laundry pile stays a lot higher and the dishwasher loaded more often than not, the car is a MESS and often the house too! But one day it won’t be, so right now I am going to enjoy the mess because that far out weighs my kids being grown up and out of the house (I know there might be moments where I feel slightly different like this very minute when i look over and Crawford has two Crayons in his hand and is coloring our wall)! But I’ll take that too!

by Charles R. Swindoll

Philippians 4:11-13

SOMEDAY WHEN THE KIDS ARE GROWN, things are going to be a lot different. The garage won't be full of bikes, electric train tracks on plywood, sawhorses surrounded by chunks of two-by-fours, nails, a hammer and saw, unfinished "experimental projects," and the rabbit cage. I'll be able to park both cars neatly in just the right places, and never again stumble over skateboards, a pile of papers (saved for the school fund drive), or the bag of rabbit food---now split and spilled. Ugh!

SOMEDAY WHEN THE KIDS ARE GROWN, the kitchen will be incredibly neat. The sink will be free of sticky dishes, the garbage disposal won't get choked on rubber bands or paper cups, the refrigerator won't be clogged with nine bottles of milk, and we won't lose the tops to jelly jars, catsup bottles, the peanut butter, the margarine, or the mustard. The water jar won't be put back empty, the ice trays won't be left out overnight, the blender won't stand for six hours coated with the remains of a midnight malt, and the honey will stay inside the container.

SOMEDAY WHEN THE KIDS ARE GROWN, my lovely wife will actually have time to get dressed leisurely. A long, hot bath (without three panic interruptions), time to do her nails (even toenails if she pleases!) without answering a dozen questions and reviewing spelling words, having had her hair done that afternoon without trying to squeeze it in between racing a sick dog to the vet and a trip to the orthodontist with a kid in a bad mood because she lost her headgear.

SOMEDAY WHEN THE KIDS ARE GROWN, the instrument called a "telephone" will actually be available. It won't look like it's growing from a teenager's ear. It will simply hang there . . . silently and amazingly available! It will be free of lipstick, human saliva, mayonnaise, corn chip crumbs, and toothpicks stuck in those little holes.

SOMEDAY WHEN THE KIDS ARE GROWN, I'll be able to see through the car windows. Fingerprints, tongue licks, sneaker footprints, and dog tracks (nobody knows how) will be conspicuous by their absence. The back seat won't be a disaster area, we won't sit on jacks or crayons anymore, the tank will not always be somewhere between empty and fumes, and (glory to God!) I won't have to clean up dog messes another time.

SOMEDAY WHEN THE KIDS ARE GROWN, we will return to normal conversations. You know, just plain American talk. "Gross" won't punctuate every sentence seven times. "Yuk!" will not be heard. "Hurry up, I gotta go!" will not accompany the banging of fists on the bathroom door. "It's my turn" won't call for a referee. And a magazine article will be read in full without interruption, then discussed at length without mom and dad having to hide in the attic to finish the conversation.

SOMEDAY WHEN THE KIDS ARE GROWN, we won't run out of toilet tissue. My wife won't lose her keys. We won't forget to shut the refrigerator door. I won't have to dream up new ways of diverting attention from the gumball machine . . . or have to answer "Daddy, is it a sin that you're driving forty-seven in a thirty-mile-per-hour zone?" . . . or promise to kiss the rabbit goodnight . . . or wait up forever until they get home from dates . . . or have to take a number to get a word in at the supper table . . . or endure the pious pounding of one Keith Green just below the level of acute pain.

Yes, someday when the kids are grown, things are going to be a lot different. One by one they'll leave our nest, and the place will begin to resemble order and maybe even a touch of elegance. The clink of china and silver will be heard on occasion. The crackling of the fireplace will echo through the hallway. The phone will be strangely silent. The house will be quiet . . . and calm . . . and always clean . . . and empty . . . and filled with memories . . . and lonely . . . and we won't like that at all. And we'll spend our time not looking forward to Someday but looking back to Yesterday. And thinking, "Maybe we can babysit the grandkids and get some life back in this place for a change!"

Could it be that the apostle Paul had some of this in mind when he wrote:

I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am. (Philippians 4:11)

Maybe so. But then again, chances are good Paul never had to clean up many dog messes.

Excerpted from Come Before Winter and Share My Hope, Copyright © 1985, 1994 by Charles R. Swindoll, Inc.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Almost 2

This is how old I will be in less than 1 month!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

23 Months

Wow! This past month has been so busy with 3 Birthday Parties and 1 Wedding and more to come! We are having so much fun! In 4 short weeks our little baby will be 2! He is so funny these days! Always saying something that makes us laugh. He still tells me Thank you all of the time. Tonight he told me “Thank you Mama” when I put the dishes in the dishwasher!! He is so funny! On Sunday while watching golf Jacob and I heard him say twice “hit the ball”. He loves his golf clubs and baseball bat! He has become some what of a picky eater which is so frustrating because I feel like he eats the same thing all of the time. Hopefully he will grow out of it. He has 2 possibly 4 teeth coming in, he will not let me get in his mouth long enough to see.

We went to Brady’s;  Crawford’s Friend from School Birthday Party at the Children's Museum in Greensboro a few weeks ago! Crawford had so much fun! Here he is playing with both Brady’s in his class!


The Birthday Boy Brady! DSC_0334

  Crawford spotted this train and then wanted to do nothing else


Sitting on the Train! We could not get him to look up for anything. DSC_0345 

Flying the Plane! DSC_0346

Crawford loves to “hold me” now. Notice his arm wrapped around me. He likes to sit behind me and pull me and hug me and “hold me”! He loves to cuddle!


Crawford being Silly!


Grammy giving Crawford a bath! DSC_0371

Last weekend Jacob and I took off to go to my friend Cara’s wedding! It was a beautiful wedding! We had so much fun visiting with friends.


My friend Mandy and I (Ella’s Mom), So she is looking at her Camera and me at mine! :-)


Another Picture of the Beautiful Bride



Jacob in the Best Seat in the House (at the reception)!


Trying Daddy’s Shoes on! Don’t pay attention to my dirty shirt! DSC_0075

Crawford giving Mimi a Birthday Kiss! We met Mom for a Birthday lunch on Sunday! I didn’t get many pictures because Crawford would rather Cry during a meal out in public than eat!! For some reason he is not liking sitting at a table anymore….no matter how many toys we bring!! Can you say STRESSFUL!!

We hope you had a Very Happy Birthday Mimi!!


A little out of order…but last week while I was in NY for work Crawford stayed with Grammy during the day! I know Crawford and Grammy had so much fun! Below are a few pictures she sent me! Thanks Grammy!



Were looking forward to Crawford’s Birthday party in a few weeks! We have a busy few weeks coming up so stay tuned for lots of pictures! We are looking forward to Caroline and Taylor’s Birthday party this weekend and a visit with Mimi!  Oh Yeah, listen to the 2nd song on my play list at the bottom. I found it on Harper’s blog. It just reminds me how time is so precious and goes by so fast and one day soon we will be helping Crawford find his wings! I never really imagined the feelings being a parent brings and all of the love that comes with it! These have been the best 2 years and we look forward to many many more!! We love you Crawford, more than you will ever know!! 

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Love is in the air…..

Mark (Jacob’s Cousin) and Allison got engaged in NY city a few weeks ago. They are planning a July Wedding! We are so excited. They are perfect for each other and we can’t wait to celebrate with them! 

Mark and Allison on Crawford’s tractor!

AllisonandMark2  The Cute CoupleAllisonandMarkMarkandAllison3

Sunday, August 9, 2009

He Melts My Heart!

Crawford melts my heart! He is so sweet! Always saying Thank You! We rarely have to tell him. He Thanks us so much..for every little thing and it just melts my heart when he says Thank you Mama!!!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Crawford chasing Molly

Below is a video of Crawford chasing Molly around the house. Molly is so scared of Crawford and Crawford LOVES  Molly! Poor Molly gets no rest when she is inside!


Crawford Driving

Here is a little clip of Crawford driving his Jeep. It’s his favorite thing to do right now.  He even stopped and waved at me and blew me a kiss during driving. So Sweet.

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