Tuesday, August 18, 2009

23 Months

Wow! This past month has been so busy with 3 Birthday Parties and 1 Wedding and more to come! We are having so much fun! In 4 short weeks our little baby will be 2! He is so funny these days! Always saying something that makes us laugh. He still tells me Thank you all of the time. Tonight he told me “Thank you Mama” when I put the dishes in the dishwasher!! He is so funny! On Sunday while watching golf Jacob and I heard him say twice “hit the ball”. He loves his golf clubs and baseball bat! He has become some what of a picky eater which is so frustrating because I feel like he eats the same thing all of the time. Hopefully he will grow out of it. He has 2 possibly 4 teeth coming in, he will not let me get in his mouth long enough to see.

We went to Brady’s;  Crawford’s Friend from School Birthday Party at the Children's Museum in Greensboro a few weeks ago! Crawford had so much fun! Here he is playing with both Brady’s in his class!


The Birthday Boy Brady! DSC_0334

  Crawford spotted this train and then wanted to do nothing else


Sitting on the Train! We could not get him to look up for anything. DSC_0345 

Flying the Plane! DSC_0346

Crawford loves to “hold me” now. Notice his arm wrapped around me. He likes to sit behind me and pull me and hug me and “hold me”! He loves to cuddle!


Crawford being Silly!


Grammy giving Crawford a bath! DSC_0371

Last weekend Jacob and I took off to go to my friend Cara’s wedding! It was a beautiful wedding! We had so much fun visiting with friends.


My friend Mandy and I (Ella’s Mom), So she is looking at her Camera and me at mine! :-)


Another Picture of the Beautiful Bride



Jacob in the Best Seat in the House (at the reception)!


Trying Daddy’s Shoes on! Don’t pay attention to my dirty shirt! DSC_0075

Crawford giving Mimi a Birthday Kiss! We met Mom for a Birthday lunch on Sunday! I didn’t get many pictures because Crawford would rather Cry during a meal out in public than eat!! For some reason he is not liking sitting at a table anymore….no matter how many toys we bring!! Can you say STRESSFUL!!

We hope you had a Very Happy Birthday Mimi!!


A little out of order…but last week while I was in NY for work Crawford stayed with Grammy during the day! I know Crawford and Grammy had so much fun! Below are a few pictures she sent me! Thanks Grammy!



Were looking forward to Crawford’s Birthday party in a few weeks! We have a busy few weeks coming up so stay tuned for lots of pictures! We are looking forward to Caroline and Taylor’s Birthday party this weekend and a visit with Mimi!  Oh Yeah, listen to the 2nd song on my play list at the bottom. I found it on Harper’s blog. It just reminds me how time is so precious and goes by so fast and one day soon we will be helping Crawford find his wings! I never really imagined the feelings being a parent brings and all of the love that comes with it! These have been the best 2 years and we look forward to many many more!! We love you Crawford, more than you will ever know!! 

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