Sunday, August 24, 2008

First Hair Cut

Just 3 short weeks away from Crawford's big Birthday! We can't wait!!

Jacob went to another race this weekend so my mom came up to visit. We had a great visit. Crawford was a little sick but we still had a great time. He had a stomach bug since Wednesday. This was our first week in 8 weeks that Crawford did not have an ear infection and wouldn't you know he would have a stomach bug. We were so upset that we did not get to go to our friends Taylor's 2nd birthday and to meet her little sister Caroline who was born on Wednesday. We didn't want to take the chance on anyone else getting sick. The doctor reccomended we take Crawford of of formula for 6 hours and that seemed to do the trick. By Saturday night he was back to normal, well...except for the 2 teeth that broke through!! :-) Looks like Crawford will have 6th teeth in by his birthday.

Crawford had is first hair cut Saturday afternoon. He did not enjoy it. He also had his first sucker. We did not plan on it but he was all over the place and arching his back, so we were desperate and when Ashley offered, I immediately said yes with out really even thinking. It worked and he loved it!! Well until the point that he sucked the ball right of the stick! We all panicked! Luckily he spit it right out!

Crawford's Hair before, It actually has a lot of curl which I love but It was just a little out of control
"Mom why do I have to do this"
"this sucker makes it so much better"
No More!!
This is the only after picture I have.....he did not really want his hair cut or any pictures!

I took some more pictures of him last night playing with one of his first birthday's presents! I will post them sometime this week!

If anyone has any tricks on how to get your little one to eat veggies let me know! Ever since Crawford was sick he is not eating well.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

11 Months Old

I can hardly believe our little baby is going to be 1 in less than a month! As Jacob always says, "He is going to be a toddler soon". It seems like yesterday I was at the miserable stage of my pregnancy and could not wait for him to come into the world. We were so excited but we had no idea how great this little one would be and how he would instantly change our life forever! He brings so much joy to ours and many others life. There is no better feeling than to have him standing in his crib reaching for us every morning and falling asleep in our arms at night. I can give him the most serious look after he has dropped his sippy cup on the floor for the 20th time and he just looks right up at me with a simple smile and I melt! He smiles at everyone. Today we were walking into church. Crawford was smiling at a lady that was on the other side of the parking lot. We had no idea who she was but she told us it made her day!

An Update on Crawford's Ears! We went to see Dr. Alsup last Monday! When we first got there Crawford instantly reached for Dr. Alsup to hold him. It was so sweet, he doesn't just reach out for anyone! Crawford must know how much Dr. Alsup has helped him! I think it was his way of saying Thanks! Once Dr. Alsup looked at his ears he told us he still had infection. I just wanted to cry! This meant Crawford's ear infection had lasted well over 6 weeks! Our next step was to have the fluid literally sucked out. This was fun! Dr. Alsup assured me that it was not painful. It just scares the kids. Crawford was screaming and kicking, it was 10 times worse than getting shots. I am not sure how I held it together but by this point I really wanted to cry! We put drops in his ears all week and when we went to see Dr. Alsup on Friday his ears were 90% clear and he thought by Sunday they would be 100%. Thank Goodness! I am keeping my fingers crossed they will stay clear!!

Friday we went out to dinner with my mom for her Birthday! We had a great time! Happy Birthday Mimi! I think Crawford thought it was his birthday. He went to town on the birthday cake. It was so cute. I figure it's practice for his birthday. I scraped most of the icing off b/c I didn't want him to stay up all night. I need rest! :-)

Below are some pictures from this weekend!

We went to Grammy and Papa's house for a cookout on Saturday. Crawford played with his yellow truck. He loves to take the blocks in and out.

These are a few pictures before the cookout
Crawford playing with his leapfrog table.
Crawford admiring his chair
Crawford Waving to Mommy
We went to the pool with some of our friends on Saturday. We had a great time and wish we could have stayed longer. The boys played golf while the girls went to the pool. I even got to go get my hair cut while the girls watch Crawford!

Friday Night
Mimi and Crawford on Mimi's Birthday!
Crawford giving mimi Birthday Cake
Give me Cake

Crawford 11 Months Old
Sitting in his chair
Reading Mommy's magazine

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Uh Oh..

My second night away from Crawford was this weekend. Two weekends in a row! Crawford stayed with his Mimi this weekend. Thanks Mom! I know you had fun and so did Crawford! Jacob and I went to another wedding, this time in Asheville. It was beautiful and the weather could not have been any better. My mom had a great time with Crawford. Below are a few pictures she took. I guess Crawford made good use of all of my toys my mom saved. I thought she was crazy for saving them but he loved them. He plays with Jacob's old toys at his parents house and he loves them also.

Crawford is doing great! Ever since he got his tubes he is eating so much better. Now he will eat just about anything and if he will not, all I have to do is put a little sugar free jelly on it and he will eat it right up! :-) His new favorite word is Uh Oh, and he knows what it means. Every time he drops something he says it. So...he just drops everything over and over so he can say it! It was cute the first 100 times but now it is a little frustrating. Jacob and I have to turn our heads so he does not see us laugh. If he see's us laugh he will just do it over and over again! His other favorite word is Da.Da., He says it all the time and he looks for Jacob when he says it. When I say and he says da.da. and laughs when he says it. He can also say Hey and Bye but not on a regular basis or when we want him to.

Only 5 More weeks until our little baby turns 1! We cannot believe it!!!

Crawford riding on "Bucky"
As you can probably tell..this was mine when I was a little girl and I loved "Bucky"

Here is Crawford sitting in my chair and playing with my toys which are antiques now. But he loved them!

Jacob and I at Ryan and Charlotte's wedding this weekend.
Crawford earlier this week!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

First night away!

This Saturday was my first night away from Crawford. We have been together every day for 10 1/2 months!! I must say I was much better than I thought I would be. I guess b/c I kept busy while I was away. Jacob was in our friends Ridge and Sarah's wedding. It was absolutely beautiful. Crawford stayed with his Grammy and Papa! Thank you so much for watching him! We knew he was in good hands! I was completely fine while I was gone. Until this morning when I was on the elevator with a couple and their little boy! As soon as I saw him, I packed as fast as I could so that we could get on the road!! I must say it was really nice to get to sleep in but I did miss Crawford Crawling all over me in the morning! I usually put him in bed with us after his morning bottle he Crawls all over us and pulls our hair, ears, nose, what ever he can grab onto until we cave in and take him downstairs to play!

Below are a few pictures from this past week. Crawford is doing great with his tubes. The first set of pictures are from when I gave him spaghetti and I let him feed himself. Let me just say it was the BIGGEST MESS I have ever seen! It was cute for the first minute and it was a nightmare to clean up! It will be a while before I will do that again!! I struggle to know what to feed Crawford now that he is on table food, so if anyone has and good ideas of what they gave their children at 10 months old. Please let me know!

Guess what Crawford's Doing????

I have caught Crawford 3 times unrolling the toilet paper. 1 time he managed to unroll the entire roll. I thought he was so quiet I better check on him, and this is what I found. I had already trashed the paper before I decided to take these pictures. This him going back for more.

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