Sunday, August 24, 2008

First Hair Cut

Just 3 short weeks away from Crawford's big Birthday! We can't wait!!

Jacob went to another race this weekend so my mom came up to visit. We had a great visit. Crawford was a little sick but we still had a great time. He had a stomach bug since Wednesday. This was our first week in 8 weeks that Crawford did not have an ear infection and wouldn't you know he would have a stomach bug. We were so upset that we did not get to go to our friends Taylor's 2nd birthday and to meet her little sister Caroline who was born on Wednesday. We didn't want to take the chance on anyone else getting sick. The doctor reccomended we take Crawford of of formula for 6 hours and that seemed to do the trick. By Saturday night he was back to normal, well...except for the 2 teeth that broke through!! :-) Looks like Crawford will have 6th teeth in by his birthday.

Crawford had is first hair cut Saturday afternoon. He did not enjoy it. He also had his first sucker. We did not plan on it but he was all over the place and arching his back, so we were desperate and when Ashley offered, I immediately said yes with out really even thinking. It worked and he loved it!! Well until the point that he sucked the ball right of the stick! We all panicked! Luckily he spit it right out!

Crawford's Hair before, It actually has a lot of curl which I love but It was just a little out of control
"Mom why do I have to do this"
"this sucker makes it so much better"
No More!!
This is the only after picture I have.....he did not really want his hair cut or any pictures!

I took some more pictures of him last night playing with one of his first birthday's presents! I will post them sometime this week!

If anyone has any tricks on how to get your little one to eat veggies let me know! Ever since Crawford was sick he is not eating well.

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