Sunday, August 3, 2008

First night away!

This Saturday was my first night away from Crawford. We have been together every day for 10 1/2 months!! I must say I was much better than I thought I would be. I guess b/c I kept busy while I was away. Jacob was in our friends Ridge and Sarah's wedding. It was absolutely beautiful. Crawford stayed with his Grammy and Papa! Thank you so much for watching him! We knew he was in good hands! I was completely fine while I was gone. Until this morning when I was on the elevator with a couple and their little boy! As soon as I saw him, I packed as fast as I could so that we could get on the road!! I must say it was really nice to get to sleep in but I did miss Crawford Crawling all over me in the morning! I usually put him in bed with us after his morning bottle he Crawls all over us and pulls our hair, ears, nose, what ever he can grab onto until we cave in and take him downstairs to play!

Below are a few pictures from this past week. Crawford is doing great with his tubes. The first set of pictures are from when I gave him spaghetti and I let him feed himself. Let me just say it was the BIGGEST MESS I have ever seen! It was cute for the first minute and it was a nightmare to clean up! It will be a while before I will do that again!! I struggle to know what to feed Crawford now that he is on table food, so if anyone has and good ideas of what they gave their children at 10 months old. Please let me know!

Guess what Crawford's Doing????

I have caught Crawford 3 times unrolling the toilet paper. 1 time he managed to unroll the entire roll. I thought he was so quiet I better check on him, and this is what I found. I had already trashed the paper before I decided to take these pictures. This him going back for more.

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