Sunday, August 10, 2008

Uh Oh..

My second night away from Crawford was this weekend. Two weekends in a row! Crawford stayed with his Mimi this weekend. Thanks Mom! I know you had fun and so did Crawford! Jacob and I went to another wedding, this time in Asheville. It was beautiful and the weather could not have been any better. My mom had a great time with Crawford. Below are a few pictures she took. I guess Crawford made good use of all of my toys my mom saved. I thought she was crazy for saving them but he loved them. He plays with Jacob's old toys at his parents house and he loves them also.

Crawford is doing great! Ever since he got his tubes he is eating so much better. Now he will eat just about anything and if he will not, all I have to do is put a little sugar free jelly on it and he will eat it right up! :-) His new favorite word is Uh Oh, and he knows what it means. Every time he drops something he says it. So...he just drops everything over and over so he can say it! It was cute the first 100 times but now it is a little frustrating. Jacob and I have to turn our heads so he does not see us laugh. If he see's us laugh he will just do it over and over again! His other favorite word is Da.Da., He says it all the time and he looks for Jacob when he says it. When I say and he says da.da. and laughs when he says it. He can also say Hey and Bye but not on a regular basis or when we want him to.

Only 5 More weeks until our little baby turns 1! We cannot believe it!!!

Crawford riding on "Bucky"
As you can probably tell..this was mine when I was a little girl and I loved "Bucky"

Here is Crawford sitting in my chair and playing with my toys which are antiques now. But he loved them!

Jacob and I at Ryan and Charlotte's wedding this weekend.
Crawford earlier this week!

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