Friday, April 29, 2011

She is our little Princess .....

In honor of the Royal Wedding we though it was appropriate to put Nana's hat she wore as a little girl on Caroline!

I think she would fit in with Royalty perfectly and her hat also!


CarolineinNans sHat

CarolineinNanay s Hat 2

Carolineinnana shat3

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy First Birthday Caroline!

Today is Caroline's Birthday!!! and as Crawford is asking...How long is her Birthday and when will it be over! :-) and when is my Birthday!

I was just thinking how far we have come! She is such a sweet and perfect little girl! and he loves her just as much as we do!

I love the interaction they have now! I can leave them sitting playing and just watch from the other room! I can't wait to see what the years bring for them and how close they will become!

The last few hours of me and Crawford before Caroline was born!

IMG 0493



It's hard to even remember her this small!

MVI 0499

When we first met!

IMG 0508


Caroline Elizabeth 4 27


Caroline 1 Day old


Crawford meeting Caroline for the first time! It's all I could do to not burst in to tears at this very moment when he wasn't too sure what was going on!

IMG 0522

and this is another I will never forget!

Crawford Peaking at Caroline



and now I can hardly keep his hand off of her! He crawls in her crib everyday and I watch them laugh and play and sometimes get mad at each other because he wants her toys and she wants his!


Caroline and Crawford



Caroline Crawford March 1820110318 0003

Caroline CraWford


They both Melt my heart in more ways than one and I am feeling so blessed and fortunate to watch them grow up! although it seems to be happening WAY to fast!!!


Happy First Birthday to my Sweet Sweet Girl!!!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Birthday Count Down

The Birthday Count Down is on and I thought I would post a few things!

Here is the Ribbon Wreath I made for our front door. I plan on hanging it on Caroline's Bedroom Door when her party is over!

I made one of these for Christmas! Meredith, My brother -in - laws sweet girlfriend had told me about it!

I used about 9 spoils of ribbon and a wire wreath. Michaels had ribbon 1/2 off over the weekend and another coupon so I saved! Yay!!


DSC 8543


I ordered some party decorations from Polka Dot Market -

Love that website because you can filter by Party Colors!

More to come!

Love party planning! If only she knew or would ever remember her 1st birthday!

I guess these parties are more for the parents than the kids but hey, she can look back at pictures one day and see we celebrated! :-)


Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Easter

Well Pop Pop has baby Chicks and I don't think they are going over so well with the grandbabies!!


DSC 7221

Better for Crawford than Caroline but he is still stand offish! He said he didn't want them to Point him instead of Peck! :-)

DSC 7222

Crawford - Caroline

Crawford and Caroline in their Great Grandfather's Chair that he actually learned to walk with! He used to walk behind it pushing it!

I took the pictures in two different places at Jacob's parents house. The grass is unbelievable there! Which has made for great pictures!

Caroline is 11 month in these pictures and Crawford is 10 months!

Untitled 2


Caroline Crawford Rock

Monday, April 4, 2011


Crawford and Caroline and their first picture with their cousin!

I have trusted Caroline enough to have her near Coleman! She attacks babies every time she is around one! I think I have figured out she is after their paci!

My first baby Crawford looks so old here! How did he grow up so fast and is no longer the baby!

I can't believe Caroline is sitting still!

and sweet Coleman is just a long for the ride at this point!

Oh what fun they will all have in the years to come!!

DSC 6839


Lots of updates coming soon!

and a BIG Birthday in just 3 weeks!

We can't wait!


Leaving you with this tonight! I saw it on someone's facebook page...I have also seen it in our doctors office!

Love it!

200496 10150481473105247 378237330246 17831613 4036051 n

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