Monday, December 12, 2011

Long Over Due Updates

Not sure where the time goes these days, I am fortunate enough to be so busy at three very important husband & kids and my JOB. Never really thought I would call the photography thing my job but after shooting well over 40 families this Christmas season.....this photography thing is definitely my job! Some days...or nights were harder and longer than I would have liked but in the end it was worth it! I love doing something I am passionate about and I love having the opportunity to spend extra time with my children! I am so thankful for all that Jacob does for our family that allows me to do what I love and take care of our Children! So the one thing that I have not had the time for like I had with updating my blog...I miss it, I miss having the digital baby book i had with him! I plan to do better in 2012 and I plan on taking a few weeks over Christmas to get a hold of their stats...and funny things they say or do and getting them in their books!


Caroline is 18 months! While she might be strong willed and hard headed, she is the the sweetest thing and most loving of anyone! She does not ever give one kiss, she gives everyone in the room a kiss. Her laugh is contagious! She loves her Brother Ca-She! She speaks more than Crawford did at this Age. Her vocabulary is so good, i have to spell and even sometimes when I spell I swear she knows what I am spelling! I am pretty sure girls just catch on faster than boys and being a second child makes her pick up faster! She has taught me so much! More than anything patience. Crawford loves her unconditionally! He wants to be with her all of the time, and is upset if she is napping! They have so much fun together and it's fun to see them play and chase each other around!  I don't think everyone knows how to deal with her, and I joke a lot about how much harder she is than Crawford...but when I think back to Crawford ....he was not always as perfect as everyone says he was. She is compared to him often! Not sure if comparing is such a good thing! I find myself always telling myself not to compare. There are some many different variables...girls and boys are just different, first and second children are also. Having one is so much easier than two! You don't realize it at the time but two makes like a little more hectic but so much better! I love my little princess, and everything about her that makes her Caroline!


DSC 1932


Crawford is 4 Years old and 3 Months! I can't believe my 4 Year old is growing up so fast! In the last three months he really has grown up! He is so smart, caring, loving and thoughtful...I can't pull over anything on him these days! He is loving school for the most part...some days I think he wants to stay in his PJ's all day but so do i! He is so sweet and loving! His imagination is in full force right now! I love to sneak up on him and see what and who he is pretending he is! He loves all sports, he loves the demon deacons, loves to play a golf video game and said he loves Tiger Woods - he actually told me Tiger woods was the best boy in the entire world....and I am working on changing his mind on that one! Just don't think i can let him be Crawford's role model even if he is good at golf! I about fell over when my sweet innocent boy said that, and I wanted to say "if you only knew"! Crawford says the FUNNIEST things!  I love him to pieces! And Crawford You are the BEST boy in the whole World. ( he tells me I am the best Mommy in the whole world) Such a sweetie!




DSC 2096




These two kiddos have Changed Jacob and my life forever! There is not a day that goes by they do not make me smile or laugh! Even if I am mad, I am usually biting my cheek just not to laugh at something they do! I just want to stand still in time with them! I can't believe how fast the days go by and weeks and years! I am hoping for a year that slows down in 2012! I want to enjoy every minute of my babies in 2012 b/c It will be the last year before Crawford goes to school!


DSC 2058c


Monday, October 10, 2011

Catching UP!

I haven't posted in a really long time! It makes me sad my life has gotten so busy! This is my baby book and poor Caroline....I am slacking on all her first on here! Writing on every scrap paper I can find. I hope I don't loose them!

Life has taken drastic changes with two children and my photography business which was once just a tiny little thought to now a full business!

It's the busiest season with everyone wanting Holiday pictures!!!!


I hope to settle down soon and come back updating my blog!


For now here are the Two most important reasons my time is limited!!!

Crawford is 4 going on 16 and Caroline...she thinks she can do anything he can do!



DSC 7109

DSC 7365Crawford420110925 0001DSC 4169cDSC 7404

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Crawford Turns 4

Friday, July 1, 2011

Where Have I been???

Goodness Gracious...I am so behind, not sure if I will ever catch up on this blog!


I am working on these for Crawford. Printing them out Large and framing for his room or playroom and starting them for Caroline as well.


I thought it would be something neat to do, then one day they could be put in a book for him.

While doing this I went through so many pictures. Gosh I can't believe how much he has grown.

On his way out the door tonight with a Jacob he came up to me and said bye sweetie! Bye Sweetie??? I remember the first time he said MaMa....and how my heart melted and now he is calling me sweetie!

Time goes by so fast!!!

I saw this idea on someone's blog, just writing on the picture their favorite things. Can't wait to do Caroline's tomorrow and then send them off to be printed.

Trying to get their stuff organized, pictures etc....

I want them to have memories of their childhood! I want them to see pictures, with this digital age, we just don't print much! I am trying to get better! Making them books, printing pictures to hang on our bare walls!

But life is so busy with 2 it goes by fast and before I know it I have an almost 4 year old and 1 year old! I can't keep the days straight and it seems like the months are flying by! I just want to freeze time for a short while!

Hope to do better blogging, I am so glad i have this blog! It's better than any baby book, I have so much information of the kids on here, favorite things, milestones! It's nice to go back and look at it all!








Caroline's to come tomorrow! I have to get to BED!!!! It's 2AM!!! (the only time I can get anything done)!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

So the Photography thing has me so BUSY but I am about to get back on track!!!!

Stay tuned for Caroline 1 Year update which was over a month ago!

I leave you with the sweet song and video I love!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Strawberry Patch

It was our 2nd Annual trip to the Strawberry Patch! We went right after Caroline was born last year! That was nice but it was much better this time!

Caroline wanted to Eat them all and Crawford could not pick them fast enough!

He was such a good helper!

We even had Casey and Coleman with us this time!

We had a great time!

We have all be under the weather with a terrible cold, and I have been busy taking pictures!

I have so many updated included Caroline's 1 year Check-up. So stay tuned!



Strawberry Patch20110510 0001'

Strawberry Patch20110510 0002

DSC 0946 2

Strawberry Patch20110510 0003

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hope you have a Happy Mother's Day....I'll be missing a Special one this Year! My Mimi!

Wow!!! It's hard to believe that when I was getting together Mother's Day gifts this year I was getting one less!

Before I got married and became a mom myself I had spent 26 years every mother's day with my mom and mimi!

I was so close to my grandmother and while I know she is in a better place and no longer suffering the selfish part of me wishes she was still here (but not in pain of course)!



Where have I been......... you wonder

So How did I go from posting 10 times a day to once a week and what happen to my Running??


Well let me  just show you!!!


The ever so Demanding family of mine! :-)

I LOVE this family picture because I think it paints a much truer picture of what our life is right now!

It's like John and Kate said ....It's a Crazy life, but it's our life!!!!

I would much prefer this picture than a posed (well maybe not) but after 20 million attempts I prefer this than trying to get that perfect pose pic!


Family Easter Pic


and my New Photography Business!




EE LogoDesign rgb


So after sweet Caroline arrived, we decided I would stay home! an opportunity for me to spend more time with the kids and explore the photography thing!

So now! If I am not with my kids....I feel like I am infront of my computer or taking pictures! I still have ALOT to learn but I am getting there and feeling blessed so many sweet families have allowed me to take their pictures!

But I must say it's not so easy!

Lets just say 1 and 3 1/2 require a lot of attention and  lets not forget the dog and husband do also and so does the house...(where does all of the Laundry come from)?????????

So needless to say I left my job to a MUCH HARDER Job!

In the beginning it wasn't so hard! But through in the photography and the sweet toddler now who doesn't sit still for a minute and well it's a challenge. oh and let me not forget the terrible 3 1/2's! yeah...just add all three together and I just go lock myself in my room and put myself in timeout! :-)

Don't get me wrong! I LOVE being at home! But man it's hard!

There is a lot of of whining lately!  ALOT! I know it's his age and I hate to wish us to 4's but I'm hoping there is a little less whining at 4! Other than whining we are so good! He is such a loving boy who loves his sister so much until she takes his toys that a year ago or even two years ago he could have cared less about! the minute she is interested it becomes HIS FAVORITE toy!  Oh and don't let me forget to tell you about my (oh she is the sweetest little girl) TEMPER! (which I am sure she got it honest from her parents) I say her Dad and of course he says me! We both have one and she got 100% of each of ours! Wow how could such a temper come out of that sweet BLUE Eyed girl!!! Speaking of Blue she turns BLUE when she gets mad! LIke Violet on Willy Wonka! I have to blow in her face to make her breath; all because guessed it......Crawford is playing with HER Doll (that she wasn't even playing with at the time)! Which leads me to the fact that she is normally playing with his trucks and lately him ...her dolls! I know it's all perfectly fine, and I am fine with it....but you know doesn't go over so well with their daddy! I already get enough from him that I put Crawford in Pink Polo's and now he is playing with her dolls and she is playing with his trucks! It's a good thing daddy is at work and not at home during the day! Oh and I haven't told him (wonder if he reads this blog??) that this older man at the grocery store came up to our cart the other day and said hey sweet girls! To Crawford and Caroline! Crawford was wearing his Pink Polo! BUT I totally think he looks like a BOY! I am guessing the poor man didn't have his glasses on...poor thing...I hope he was not driving!

So we have 4 more weeks until pre-school is out for the Summer! Not sure what we are going to do! No Camps this year! I want to enjoy the summer with the kids and I don't feel like being a taxi driver to my 3 1/2 year old all summer. So It's going to be low key for us! A few play dates! Many Pool visits I hope ( but I am sure it will be hard with two and just me) and I pray that we will have afternoon naps....because I am going to need them!

And somewhere in there my photography will fit in! I am guessing late nights and early mornings!


So hope your not bored but that's what's been going on!


oh yeah....and my running!

Well my little pinky toe has kept me from running! But I am ready to start back up! Who knew such a small part on your body could cause so much pain!

Crawford ran over it with his power-wheels and I think broke it! It was almost better after 4 weeks! and Easter Sunday I was running out to the car for the millionth time (I always forget something in the house) and a ran into the stroller!

Worst pain ever!!!!! I guess I jammed it! Who knows! I think it's permantly damaged forever! :-) So now it's getting better and I can't wait to start my running adventure all over!!!  So stay tuned!


Now back to edit pictures!

Hope to add pics of Caroline's Birthday party soon!









Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Birthday Celebrations

Happy Birthday Sweet Caroline!!

the Chair in the picture below was a chair I used to play with at my grandmother's house as a little girl! It's where my baby dolls (which were my students) sat while I taught them!


Caroline1stBirthday pics20110419 0001

Caroline1stBirthday pics20110419 0002



We had a great celebration and were so thankful our friends and family could join in on the fun! It wouldn't have been the same without them!

Below are a few pictures. I have more to come! These are mainly the decorations.

My friend Pamela made the Cake. She is awesome! It tasted so good and looked beautiful!

I made the cupcake toppers which were super easy!

My friend Meredith at the Pink Poppy Seed made Caroline's sweet Birthday Hat and T-shirt and Monogramed her Bib (that was just like Crawford's.

My sister-in-law Casey helped me make the cookies, which I ran out of time to finish decorating!

The ribbon wreath on my front door I made and it's super easy! Along with the doormat that I mad with my MOPS group.


Caroline1stBirthday20110423 0002

Caroline1stBirthday20110423 0010



Caroline1stBirthday20110423 0005

Caroline1stBirthday20110423 0006

Caroline1stBirthday20110423 0003

Caroline1stBirthday20110423 0001


It's My Party, I'll cry if I want to!!!

Caroline1stBirthday20110423 0007


why is everyone looking at me?

Caroline1stBirthday20110423 0008

Caroline1stBirthday20110423 0009


Well if you ask me there a match made in heaven! There too cute!! But I don't think their daddy's are ready for that! So for now they can be friends!

Ella Crawford

Friday, April 29, 2011

She is our little Princess .....

In honor of the Royal Wedding we though it was appropriate to put Nana's hat she wore as a little girl on Caroline!

I think she would fit in with Royalty perfectly and her hat also!


CarolineinNans sHat

CarolineinNanay s Hat 2

Carolineinnana shat3

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy First Birthday Caroline!

Today is Caroline's Birthday!!! and as Crawford is asking...How long is her Birthday and when will it be over! :-) and when is my Birthday!

I was just thinking how far we have come! She is such a sweet and perfect little girl! and he loves her just as much as we do!

I love the interaction they have now! I can leave them sitting playing and just watch from the other room! I can't wait to see what the years bring for them and how close they will become!

The last few hours of me and Crawford before Caroline was born!

IMG 0493



It's hard to even remember her this small!

MVI 0499

When we first met!

IMG 0508


Caroline Elizabeth 4 27


Caroline 1 Day old


Crawford meeting Caroline for the first time! It's all I could do to not burst in to tears at this very moment when he wasn't too sure what was going on!

IMG 0522

and this is another I will never forget!

Crawford Peaking at Caroline



and now I can hardly keep his hand off of her! He crawls in her crib everyday and I watch them laugh and play and sometimes get mad at each other because he wants her toys and she wants his!


Caroline and Crawford



Caroline Crawford March 1820110318 0003

Caroline CraWford


They both Melt my heart in more ways than one and I am feeling so blessed and fortunate to watch them grow up! although it seems to be happening WAY to fast!!!


Happy First Birthday to my Sweet Sweet Girl!!!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Birthday Count Down

The Birthday Count Down is on and I thought I would post a few things!

Here is the Ribbon Wreath I made for our front door. I plan on hanging it on Caroline's Bedroom Door when her party is over!

I made one of these for Christmas! Meredith, My brother -in - laws sweet girlfriend had told me about it!

I used about 9 spoils of ribbon and a wire wreath. Michaels had ribbon 1/2 off over the weekend and another coupon so I saved! Yay!!


DSC 8543


I ordered some party decorations from Polka Dot Market -

Love that website because you can filter by Party Colors!

More to come!

Love party planning! If only she knew or would ever remember her 1st birthday!

I guess these parties are more for the parents than the kids but hey, she can look back at pictures one day and see we celebrated! :-)


Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Easter

Well Pop Pop has baby Chicks and I don't think they are going over so well with the grandbabies!!


DSC 7221

Better for Crawford than Caroline but he is still stand offish! He said he didn't want them to Point him instead of Peck! :-)

DSC 7222

Crawford - Caroline

Crawford and Caroline in their Great Grandfather's Chair that he actually learned to walk with! He used to walk behind it pushing it!

I took the pictures in two different places at Jacob's parents house. The grass is unbelievable there! Which has made for great pictures!

Caroline is 11 month in these pictures and Crawford is 10 months!

Untitled 2


Caroline Crawford Rock

Monday, April 4, 2011


Crawford and Caroline and their first picture with their cousin!

I have trusted Caroline enough to have her near Coleman! She attacks babies every time she is around one! I think I have figured out she is after their paci!

My first baby Crawford looks so old here! How did he grow up so fast and is no longer the baby!

I can't believe Caroline is sitting still!

and sweet Coleman is just a long for the ride at this point!

Oh what fun they will all have in the years to come!!

DSC 6839


Lots of updates coming soon!

and a BIG Birthday in just 3 weeks!

We can't wait!


Leaving you with this tonight! I saw it on someone's facebook page...I have also seen it in our doctors office!

Love it!

200496 10150481473105247 378237330246 17831613 4036051 n

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