Monday, December 12, 2011

Long Over Due Updates

Not sure where the time goes these days, I am fortunate enough to be so busy at three very important husband & kids and my JOB. Never really thought I would call the photography thing my job but after shooting well over 40 families this Christmas season.....this photography thing is definitely my job! Some days...or nights were harder and longer than I would have liked but in the end it was worth it! I love doing something I am passionate about and I love having the opportunity to spend extra time with my children! I am so thankful for all that Jacob does for our family that allows me to do what I love and take care of our Children! So the one thing that I have not had the time for like I had with updating my blog...I miss it, I miss having the digital baby book i had with him! I plan to do better in 2012 and I plan on taking a few weeks over Christmas to get a hold of their stats...and funny things they say or do and getting them in their books!


Caroline is 18 months! While she might be strong willed and hard headed, she is the the sweetest thing and most loving of anyone! She does not ever give one kiss, she gives everyone in the room a kiss. Her laugh is contagious! She loves her Brother Ca-She! She speaks more than Crawford did at this Age. Her vocabulary is so good, i have to spell and even sometimes when I spell I swear she knows what I am spelling! I am pretty sure girls just catch on faster than boys and being a second child makes her pick up faster! She has taught me so much! More than anything patience. Crawford loves her unconditionally! He wants to be with her all of the time, and is upset if she is napping! They have so much fun together and it's fun to see them play and chase each other around!  I don't think everyone knows how to deal with her, and I joke a lot about how much harder she is than Crawford...but when I think back to Crawford ....he was not always as perfect as everyone says he was. She is compared to him often! Not sure if comparing is such a good thing! I find myself always telling myself not to compare. There are some many different variables...girls and boys are just different, first and second children are also. Having one is so much easier than two! You don't realize it at the time but two makes like a little more hectic but so much better! I love my little princess, and everything about her that makes her Caroline!


DSC 1932


Crawford is 4 Years old and 3 Months! I can't believe my 4 Year old is growing up so fast! In the last three months he really has grown up! He is so smart, caring, loving and thoughtful...I can't pull over anything on him these days! He is loving school for the most part...some days I think he wants to stay in his PJ's all day but so do i! He is so sweet and loving! His imagination is in full force right now! I love to sneak up on him and see what and who he is pretending he is! He loves all sports, he loves the demon deacons, loves to play a golf video game and said he loves Tiger Woods - he actually told me Tiger woods was the best boy in the entire world....and I am working on changing his mind on that one! Just don't think i can let him be Crawford's role model even if he is good at golf! I about fell over when my sweet innocent boy said that, and I wanted to say "if you only knew"! Crawford says the FUNNIEST things!  I love him to pieces! And Crawford You are the BEST boy in the whole World. ( he tells me I am the best Mommy in the whole world) Such a sweetie!




DSC 2096




These two kiddos have Changed Jacob and my life forever! There is not a day that goes by they do not make me smile or laugh! Even if I am mad, I am usually biting my cheek just not to laugh at something they do! I just want to stand still in time with them! I can't believe how fast the days go by and weeks and years! I am hoping for a year that slows down in 2012! I want to enjoy every minute of my babies in 2012 b/c It will be the last year before Crawford goes to school!


DSC 2058c


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