Thursday, February 24, 2011

Play Date

I have been looking forward to Caroline and Jacob meeting!

My sweet friend/roommate from College came up this past weekend for a girls day with our friends and Caroline and Jacob hit it off! Well lets just say...she wouldn't share her ball so he tried to eat her dress!! :-)

They are both teething and my favorite picture is the one where they both have a teething toy in their mouth!

Were looking forward to many more play date for the two of them!!!!


CarolineandJacob20110219 0002

CarolineandJacob20110219 0003

CarolineandJacob20110219 0005

CarolineandJacob20110219 0006

CarolineandJacob20110219 0004

Easter Shirts!

My Friend Meredith at the Pink Poppy Seed made these Cute Shirts for Crawford and Caroline!

They are a must have for Easter!! I will have to get a better picture of the girls b/c the bunny has a little bow on it that is so cute!!!

Since Caroline's Birthday is around Easter....the shirts will be perfect!!

I cannot believe she will be turning 1 in 2 months! We can't wait to celebrate with our friends and family!

You can find her on facebook at the Pink Poppy Seed!

DSC 3675

DSC 3486


Caroline was more interested in her friend Luke than taking pictures!!!

I am not sure if she humored him or scared him!!!




Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Balentine's Day!

As Crawford would say...Happy Balentine's Day!

We had the most wonderful day which started off with pre-school and ended up at the Park!

Crawford and I made playdough shaped hearts for his friends at school and Caroline gave her friends Cherrios.


Vday mini pink

Vday mini blue


DSC 2467

DSC 2468

DSC 2469


We hope you had a Great Balentine's day as well!



Friday, February 11, 2011

My mouth is watering for these


Food Network Recipe

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Favorite Things - Spring

I went to Target yesterday to kill time before I picked up the kids! BAD IDEA! Why would I go there? I know I can't leave there empty handed!!

Well I am glad I went! Even though it's still cold outside I found the cutest swimsuit for Caroline and coverup. And only $10.00 each!

I think this suit looks so Lillyish! I love it!



A friend of mine said she used to get a Swim Suit in her Easter Basket every Year. I think that is such a cute tradition! I might just have to stick these in Caroline's Easter Basket!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

This is "Our Normal" around our House

Crawford wearing football helmet pretending Caroline has a phone call!

Caroline pulling up on everything and in to everything!

Life is Crazy but GREAT! and it's never DULL!




Favorite Things (home Made)

My most favorite things EVER are my Homemade things by the kids.

Below are a couple!

Canvas ....we did this at Christmas and I still have not taken it down. We saw this at a friends house! I mis-judged and we kind of ran out of room! But Hey...I still Love it!

I will be replacing this one with another one soon and saving this one to put up at Christmas each year. Until then I will leave this up! It's such an easy project and inexpensive! Michaels usually has a sale buy one get one free on their canvas!

DSC 0903

Crawford made this for me at School one year. (or should I say his teacher's did) Just love it. It has a battery operated candle in it. I leave this out through winter!


DSC 0904

Kissy Face

Love that they love each other so much! Hope it NEVER Changes!


Caroline - 9 Months

Stats: Weight 16 pounds, 8 ounces (13%) , 27.8 inches (60%), Head 17.8

Basically you are a petite little girl!

We started solid food this week. You love Toast, cheese toast, carrots, Peas, pears, cantaloupe, peaches, & cherrios.

You drink  6 ounces 4 times a day, and eat 3 meals! We think you will be catching up on your weight in no time!

You are attached to your baby! You hold onto it with a death grip and SCREAM if we take it from you! It goes everywhere! She needs a bath from the food you have spilled on her and you make it difficult to take a bottle while holding her!

You HATE to be changed! You pitch a fit every time.

You are pulling up on everything and can walk a few steps holding on to the furniture. I actually found you twice standing up when you were 8 months old but never technically saw you do it until now.

You know what Mama and Dada mean and you say it all the time.

You are learning how to sign "more" and get so excited when I say it!

When any kind of music comes on you start moving up and down...I think you are dancing!

You have a TEMPER!!!

You still sleep about 12 hours! Yay!!

You still take a paci!

You chase Crawford around the house and he thinks it's so funny!

You LOVE watching Molly!

You have a new cousin that you think is a baby doll! You crawl over and try to grab his face! We have to keep you two separated.

You wearing Size 6-9 Month clothes.

You still like to be held and now realize I am leaving you at pre-school. You cry when I leave! But I think your making friends! They say you crawl all around the room and have a great time! And Mommy enjoys the 3hr break twice a week!

You LOVE your brother

Your eyes light up when your daddy comes home from work

You do not sit still for a minute and you put EVERYTHING in your Mouth including dust bunnies (and we seem to have a lot of them)!

You have so much hair and you don't keep a bow in for long! But I keep putting them in hoping you will stop taking them out one day!

You are a Happy Baby! Always smiling!





DSC 0841


DSC 0867

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