Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A few of our Favorite Christmas things

I didn’t get this for Christmas but I did just reorder it and I wanted to share my favorite planner with you! I had one last year and had to order one this year, they are currently on sale and free shipping. I ordered mine yesterday and was surprised to receive it today! It’s great, it has a place to add all of your events and your kids events. They have all different colors and they fit nicely in your purse!


2010 momAgenda Desktop

2010 momAgenda Desktop zoom shot

Black Tall Uggs to keep my feet warm!!!! I love them.

For Daddy and all of his music…he was due for an upgrade

A FEW of his favorite toys…we need a room added on to our house for all the toys that Santa and everyone brought!

This Track was the biggest hit!! Daddy and Crawford love it!

Fisher-Price Shake 'n Go! XTREME Speedway

MATCHBOX Rocky the Robot Truck - Deluxe Rocky

MÅLA Easel

Playskool Tonka Bounce Back Racer (Band B)49 Mhz - Colors May Vary

Product Details

Step2 Par 3 Mini Golf Course

More pictures to come with Crawford Christmas morning!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas from our Family to Yours!!

Elrod Family Christmas Card FrontElrod Family Christmas Card Back version 2 

We hope everyone has a blessed Christmas with friends and family!

XOXO, The Elrod’s

Sunday, December 20, 2009

My new little business

I have started selling Thirty-One, I saw this product and knew it was for me to sell! I love everything about it! The prices are great and there are so many great gift ideas. From Kids to adults including Baby, Graduate, Birthday gifts, you name it you will find it.

Thirty-One Gifts takes their name and mission from Proverbs 31

So if your interested in hosting a party, or just a catalog party, please let me know and go through me. I have included the Hostess special this month and the Customer Special.

Visit my site at www.mythirtyone.com/emilyelrod

If you are interested in learning your benefits of hosting a party shoot me an email and I will send you the information. Below are just the specials if you a book a party this month. But there are other rewards for hosting a party that I will be glad to send you. Just like any other party you host, depending on the amount of sales at the party you get a percentage of free product and/or 1/2 off items.





Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let it Snow!


Well we got our first snow this weekend! It was a nice surprise and Crawford loved it. He woke up Saturday morning yelling for his hat and yelling play out side! He would not stop until we went out. So needless to say we were out before 10. Caroline and I had to spend the snow time on the sidelines while Daddy and Crawford went sledding. I didn’t want to take a chance of getting hurt! Crawford loved sledding and would yell for more. Below are a few pictures from our fun day!

Crawford Snow 1209 -3Crawford Snow 1209 -2 

Crawford Snow 1209

After an hour of playing at our house, Jacob was getting the itch to drive, so we headed over to Nana and Pop Pop’s for more fun.

Below Jacob and Crawford sledding.


This is the only picture i have of Crawford and I! He would not take a picture for anything!!!


Nana and Crawford


Pop Pop and Crawford _DSC0297 

One of Nana and Pop Pop’s beautiful view_DSC0312

One of the horses, not sure which one.    

Horse Snow 1

We had so much fun playing in the snow but hate that we missed spending time with my family this weekend. Hopefully we will find a time soon!

Hope everyone has a great week! We look forward to spending time with family and friends!

XOXO, The Elrod’s

I hope to post some Christmas decoration this week and maybe a few great recipes that I plan on making for our neighbors!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Crawford is going to have a little Sister!

Crawford with Big Brother

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vote for Crawford

I submitted the picture below to wxii12.com photo contest. I thought it was just to cute! Crawford does not look at the camera too much for me or at least not willingly! But he was having so much fun chasing Molly around to put the antlers on and Molly was being such a good sport! I guess she finally gave in!! We took at least 50 pictures and in most Crawford is looking at Molly Laughing! They are so cute! I plan on posting more soon. So click on the link below. The most views wins…I think??





Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our little reindeer

Christmas is approaching faster than ever! We are so busy and no where near ready! I always say I am going to shop early and it just didn’t happen this year!

We find out a week from this Wednesday if Crawford will have a sister or brother! We can’t wait! Crawford is now saying boy and so is Jacob. So we will see. I don’t think Crawford really understands but he does come up to my stomach and kiss and hug it.

We are having so much fun with him! This is such a fun age.

We are looking forward to visiting with our families over the next few weeks! We are so thankful to have such wonderful families and to be able to spend time with them over the holidays!

More updates to come soon…including Breakfast with Santa that was so much fun…well except for the Santa part!! :-) Crawford did not like him too much!!



The Elrod’s

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