Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let it Snow!


Well we got our first snow this weekend! It was a nice surprise and Crawford loved it. He woke up Saturday morning yelling for his hat and yelling play out side! He would not stop until we went out. So needless to say we were out before 10. Caroline and I had to spend the snow time on the sidelines while Daddy and Crawford went sledding. I didn’t want to take a chance of getting hurt! Crawford loved sledding and would yell for more. Below are a few pictures from our fun day!

Crawford Snow 1209 -3Crawford Snow 1209 -2 

Crawford Snow 1209

After an hour of playing at our house, Jacob was getting the itch to drive, so we headed over to Nana and Pop Pop’s for more fun.

Below Jacob and Crawford sledding.


This is the only picture i have of Crawford and I! He would not take a picture for anything!!!


Nana and Crawford


Pop Pop and Crawford _DSC0297 

One of Nana and Pop Pop’s beautiful view_DSC0312

One of the horses, not sure which one.    

Horse Snow 1

We had so much fun playing in the snow but hate that we missed spending time with my family this weekend. Hopefully we will find a time soon!

Hope everyone has a great week! We look forward to spending time with family and friends!

XOXO, The Elrod’s

I hope to post some Christmas decoration this week and maybe a few great recipes that I plan on making for our neighbors!

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