Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our little reindeer

Christmas is approaching faster than ever! We are so busy and no where near ready! I always say I am going to shop early and it just didn’t happen this year!

We find out a week from this Wednesday if Crawford will have a sister or brother! We can’t wait! Crawford is now saying boy and so is Jacob. So we will see. I don’t think Crawford really understands but he does come up to my stomach and kiss and hug it.

We are having so much fun with him! This is such a fun age.

We are looking forward to visiting with our families over the next few weeks! We are so thankful to have such wonderful families and to be able to spend time with them over the holidays!

More updates to come soon…including Breakfast with Santa that was so much fun…well except for the Santa part!! :-) Crawford did not like him too much!!



The Elrod’s

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