Sunday, December 20, 2009

My new little business

I have started selling Thirty-One, I saw this product and knew it was for me to sell! I love everything about it! The prices are great and there are so many great gift ideas. From Kids to adults including Baby, Graduate, Birthday gifts, you name it you will find it.

Thirty-One Gifts takes their name and mission from Proverbs 31

So if your interested in hosting a party, or just a catalog party, please let me know and go through me. I have included the Hostess special this month and the Customer Special.

Visit my site at

If you are interested in learning your benefits of hosting a party shoot me an email and I will send you the information. Below are just the specials if you a book a party this month. But there are other rewards for hosting a party that I will be glad to send you. Just like any other party you host, depending on the amount of sales at the party you get a percentage of free product and/or 1/2 off items.





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Steph said...

Hey Emily! Thanks for filling me in a little about Thirty One. I have to say the more I look at their website the more excited I get about it. I have always said I didn't want to do anything like this because my mom has done lots and been unsuccessful, but for some reason there is something about this company that is drawing me in. The fact that it is Christian based is a big plus. I still have some questions and prayers to be said. I also looked for a consultant to see if it would pull up someone in my area and the closest one was in Alabama. So there is no one in my area that I know of. I can't wait to get the info from you about it.

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