Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Sick but fun Day

Crawford stayed home sick today with his Grammy and he had a great time. Crawford and I took an afternoon walk while we waited for Daddy to get home today. Here are some cute pictures.

Going on a ride. And No, My Mommy did not pick out this outfit. Daddy did!
If I could just get this drink to spill out onto my tongue.....
How do I get this into my mouth??Sweet Casey and Uncle Ryan came over today and brought Crawford a Fire Truck just like Ella's. Crawford loved it!!!! We will have to go see Uncle Ryan at his station when his knee gets all better! He is having surgery this Friday!!
Uncle Ryan pushing Crawford around.
Casey telling Crawford how to drive!
Crawford even liked the box it came in!

Happy Birthday Papa!!
Crawford and Grammy
While I was fixing Crawford a bottle, I let him play with his new fire truck. He is just like his dad! He was really interested in those wheels!

One picture of Crawford is up on Carolyn and Stephanie's website. Check it out. I can't wait to see the rest.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Crawling...Teething...and Ear Infections

Crawling, 1 tooth, and an ear infection is what has been going on for us in the past week. It's been a busy painful couple of weeks for us. Crawford is finally getting his first tooth, but along with it came an ear infection which makes things even worse! We went back to the doctor on Saturday and the ear infection is still here! Crawford is back on antibiotics. Hopefully this round will work. The Doctor said sometimes babies get ear infections when new teeth are coming in. Hopefully this will be the last of the ear infections! We are getting through it! Crawling makes up for the pain for Crawford at least. He can now get most places he wants to go, but now it makes things just a little harder for Jacob and I. No more sitting him down in one place. He gets up and heads off faster than we can even sit down. We had a great 4 day weekend. Jacob went to the Race in Charlotte and Crawford and I went home to Hickory to see my mom! We had a great visit. It was nice to be able to go and stay more than one night. We did a little shopping and relaxed as much as we could. We had a great time visiting with Kathy also! Crawford loves to flirt with her! On Saturday we went and visited my Grandmother and had a great visit. Crawford loved playing with the wheels on her wheel chair! It doesn't matter how many toys he has, his favorite things to play with are things we did not buy like the remote control, phone and now the wheels on the chair! :-). Sunday afternoon we went to visit Mandy and Ella. We had a great visit! Crawford did not know what to think of Miss Ella. She is a Ham!!!! She is talking and dancing and when it comes to crawling she smokes Crawford! But she is a few months older and has had much more practice than Crawford. Ella brought tears to Crawford's eyes more than once. He was not feeling well and I think was overwhelmed! She was so cute and funny! And every time she yelled, Crawford Cried! In 1 month Ella turns 1 and I know she will be walking before then. I can't wait to see how Crawford reacts to her at her birthday party! Below are a few pictures from the weekend. I am missing one picture I meant to take tonight! I wanted to get a picture of Jacob's dad and Crawford for Jacob's dad's birthday. It was today! Crawford says Happy Birthday, Papa!! You owe us a picture!!!
Mimi and Crawford

Crawford playing

I'm a little Elephant
Look at me

Time to lower the crib!

On the Go

Come Here Molly
Fine! I will come to you!
So excited to be on Ella's Fire Truck
Here Comes Ella ..to get her fire truck back!!
Look Uncle Ryan, I want one!
My Friend Ella!
Mandy and Ella and Crawford and me
At my Great-Mimi's House
Fast asleep

Crawford Crawling

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Babies....Oh My

We could not have picked a prettier day to go to the Zoo. The weather was beautiful. What a perfect day. We were looking forward to meeting Pamela, Terry and Skylar for our big adventure....Well until I applied Sunscreen to Crawford's Face, which ended up in his eyes somehow. You would not believe that he really never Cried. We would have never known that it had gotten into his eyes until they started to swell and his face started to breakout all over. This happened as we were walking into the Zoo. After going to the First Aid Center which was absolute no help, Jacob went to get Crawford some Benadryl. I washed Crawford's face off, thinking it would help but it didn't seem to do the trick. He looked so pitiful but he still never cried.

Beginning of the Zoo Adventure

Crawford now has Benadryl in him and is getting better. His eyes are still swollen in this pictures. Skylar and him are ready to see the animals!
Mommy and Crawford in front of the Bears
Daddy and Crawford in front of the bears.
Where is Crawford? Yes, he is under the hat. He would not lean back. I guess he thought he would miss something!
Still Sleeping
This Zoo stuff is hard work!!
No Sleeping for Mr. Skylar!
Ok, I'm awake now, lets go to Africa!
Mommy and Crawford on the Carousel. He did great. It went faster than I thought it would. I just knew he was going to start screaming! He smiled the entire time!
Family picture in front of the Elephants.
Mom and Dad, I have had enough!!

The post below has the slide show of the Animals. I could not get it to work in this post!

By the way! A lot more than our Zoo excursion happened this weekend!! Crawford is now officially a crawler and we had a lower his crib b/c he was pulling up! Let's just say it was a busy weekend for us! I plan to upload the video of him crawling tomorrow!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pictures of the Animals at the Zoo

Thursday, May 15, 2008

8 Months Old

If you are thinking what I am thinking...how could Crawford already be 8 Months old? Jacob kindly pointed out tonight when Crawford was asleep in my arms that he didn't fit in my arms like he used to. This made me so sad! It's true they do grow up so fast. This time last year we were just finding out that Crawford was in fact a boy!! It was such an exciting moment. I knew from early on that he was a boy and Jacob even wore a blue polo to the doctors office that day b/c he knew he was a boy as well! It is so hard to believe that was a year ago and now our baby boy is growing so fast!!
I took off today to take him to get his pictures made at Carolyn Albright Photography. I had been wanting to get them done at 9 Months but after seeing their work, I could not wait another month! I will not get the pictures back for a couple weeks but I would go ahead and recommend them to anyone! They were great beyond words! And lets just say Crawford is not Camera Shy! He did not stop smiling the entire time we were there. Carolyn and Stephanie really know what they are doing and are so great with kids. I can't wait to see the pictures. I will post a link up when I get them. If you have time check out their website http://www.carolynalbrightphotography.com/, check their blog for a few upcoming pictures of Crawford!

Stay tuned...I am pretty sure I will be posting any day now about Crawford Crawling. Today for the first time he crawled 4 times! :-) He has been doing the military crawl for some time but I think he is going to be on the go any day now. Oh Yeah, I guess it is also time to lower the crib. When I went to get him out of the crib he was on his knees looking over the railing at me.

Also, We are going to the Zoo on Saturday so I should have some great pictures this weekend. I know Crawford will have no idea what is going on at the zoo but I am really looking forward to it. He loves to be outside and stares at Molly all of the time so I think he will like it! I am sure he will recognize the animal sounds that his daddy makes to him also!

I will post some 8 Month pictures tomorrow! My camera is dead! Imagine that!!

More Mother's Day.....

You would have hardly noticed that Crawford was sick over Mother's Day Weekend. He was a little fussy but not bad at all to have an ear infection. We went to Asheville on Saturday to visit my mom and family. Crawford did great but by the end of the day he became pretty fussy and was pulling his ear! We tried to get back in time to see a doctor but did not make it. On Sunday we took Crawford to the doctor at 7AM and sure enough he had an ear infection in the ear he was holding! We got his medicine and had planned on going to SC to see Jacob's Grandmother and family, about 20 minutes down the road when Crawford had not stopped crying, we decided that it might not be a good idea to drive 3 hours. We hated that we could not go because we were looking forward to seeing everyone. We always have so much fun! We turned around and came back home. We all went straight to bed which I can't remember the last time we have all 3 taken a nap on the weekend. Now Jacob and Crawford usually get to but I think of a million things I could be doing rather than sleeping! It ended up to be a great Mother's Day with the exception of Crawford not feeling better. We got to cuddle and play. He is a great cuddlier! It is hard to imagine that I am a Mother!!! I love it and can not imagine my life without Crawford and Jacob! I feel truly blessed! I hope that I will be as good as mom as my mom is to me and Jacob's mom is to him!!

Crawford sitting in my grandmother's rocking chair from when she was a little girl
Crawford and Mimi on Mother's Day Weekend
Crawford and Grammy on Mother's Day
"Mommy & Daddy are Crazy!!! Take this Shirt off of my head"!
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