Thursday, May 15, 2008

8 Months Old

If you are thinking what I am could Crawford already be 8 Months old? Jacob kindly pointed out tonight when Crawford was asleep in my arms that he didn't fit in my arms like he used to. This made me so sad! It's true they do grow up so fast. This time last year we were just finding out that Crawford was in fact a boy!! It was such an exciting moment. I knew from early on that he was a boy and Jacob even wore a blue polo to the doctors office that day b/c he knew he was a boy as well! It is so hard to believe that was a year ago and now our baby boy is growing so fast!!
I took off today to take him to get his pictures made at Carolyn Albright Photography. I had been wanting to get them done at 9 Months but after seeing their work, I could not wait another month! I will not get the pictures back for a couple weeks but I would go ahead and recommend them to anyone! They were great beyond words! And lets just say Crawford is not Camera Shy! He did not stop smiling the entire time we were there. Carolyn and Stephanie really know what they are doing and are so great with kids. I can't wait to see the pictures. I will post a link up when I get them. If you have time check out their website, check their blog for a few upcoming pictures of Crawford!

Stay tuned...I am pretty sure I will be posting any day now about Crawford Crawling. Today for the first time he crawled 4 times! :-) He has been doing the military crawl for some time but I think he is going to be on the go any day now. Oh Yeah, I guess it is also time to lower the crib. When I went to get him out of the crib he was on his knees looking over the railing at me.

Also, We are going to the Zoo on Saturday so I should have some great pictures this weekend. I know Crawford will have no idea what is going on at the zoo but I am really looking forward to it. He loves to be outside and stares at Molly all of the time so I think he will like it! I am sure he will recognize the animal sounds that his daddy makes to him also!

I will post some 8 Month pictures tomorrow! My camera is dead! Imagine that!!

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