Monday, May 26, 2008

Crawling...Teething...and Ear Infections

Crawling, 1 tooth, and an ear infection is what has been going on for us in the past week. It's been a busy painful couple of weeks for us. Crawford is finally getting his first tooth, but along with it came an ear infection which makes things even worse! We went back to the doctor on Saturday and the ear infection is still here! Crawford is back on antibiotics. Hopefully this round will work. The Doctor said sometimes babies get ear infections when new teeth are coming in. Hopefully this will be the last of the ear infections! We are getting through it! Crawling makes up for the pain for Crawford at least. He can now get most places he wants to go, but now it makes things just a little harder for Jacob and I. No more sitting him down in one place. He gets up and heads off faster than we can even sit down. We had a great 4 day weekend. Jacob went to the Race in Charlotte and Crawford and I went home to Hickory to see my mom! We had a great visit. It was nice to be able to go and stay more than one night. We did a little shopping and relaxed as much as we could. We had a great time visiting with Kathy also! Crawford loves to flirt with her! On Saturday we went and visited my Grandmother and had a great visit. Crawford loved playing with the wheels on her wheel chair! It doesn't matter how many toys he has, his favorite things to play with are things we did not buy like the remote control, phone and now the wheels on the chair! :-). Sunday afternoon we went to visit Mandy and Ella. We had a great visit! Crawford did not know what to think of Miss Ella. She is a Ham!!!! She is talking and dancing and when it comes to crawling she smokes Crawford! But she is a few months older and has had much more practice than Crawford. Ella brought tears to Crawford's eyes more than once. He was not feeling well and I think was overwhelmed! She was so cute and funny! And every time she yelled, Crawford Cried! In 1 month Ella turns 1 and I know she will be walking before then. I can't wait to see how Crawford reacts to her at her birthday party! Below are a few pictures from the weekend. I am missing one picture I meant to take tonight! I wanted to get a picture of Jacob's dad and Crawford for Jacob's dad's birthday. It was today! Crawford says Happy Birthday, Papa!! You owe us a picture!!!
Mimi and Crawford

Crawford playing

I'm a little Elephant
Look at me

Time to lower the crib!

On the Go

Come Here Molly
Fine! I will come to you!
So excited to be on Ella's Fire Truck
Here Comes Ella get her fire truck back!!
Look Uncle Ryan, I want one!
My Friend Ella!
Mandy and Ella and Crawford and me
At my Great-Mimi's House
Fast asleep

Crawford Crawling

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