Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bye Bye Crib

Crawford decided much sooner than we did that he was tired of his Crib. The morning of his 2nd Birthday he climbed right out of his crib and ran into our bedroom. He was so excited and we were shocked! I was completely not ready! We thought there is no way he will do it again! But he did! and again and again! We decided to take his bumpers out thinking that he would not be able to get out without them. He didn’t get out for a few days! We thought we were in the clear! Then last night he decided to climb out at 2:30 and 5:30! So we decided it was time to take down the crib. We haven’t picked out a bed yet so we borrowed a twin mattress from Jacob’s parents! We talked to him and tried to get him really excited about sleeping in a big boy bed! He seemed to really like it!! He jumped on it for a few minutes and was all smiles! We read a book and he went straight to sleep! Fingers crossed it last through the night!!!

My new bed! (and spoons) he had to bring them to bed! I am not sure why but at this point what ever makes him happy and gets him to sleep!!

New Bed Night

Fast Asleep!   Sleeping in New BEd

Monday, September 21, 2009

New Post

Birthday Dinner with Uncle Ryan and Aunt Casey

2 year Check-Up

Fun with Mimi and Grammy

2 Year Appointment

Today we took Crawford to his 2 year Checkup! Little did we know we would wait an hour in the lobby before we saw our doctor. There was a very sick child she was seeing who had to be rushed to the hospital so we completely understand! However…….I can control him for only a short time before he wants to run wild! I didn’t want him touching anything in that waiting room!!! I sanitized his hands at least 5 times! I am sure the other patients waiting thought I was obsessed but I was just paranoid he was going to get sick! He kept playing on these little tables they have for the Kids. All the kids in the room had been playing on them and they all looked sick!!! Of course they were trying to touch Crawford and I was having to politely tell them not too! Finally I told Crawford the table was Hot. I whispered it in his ear so know one would hear me thinking that it would keep him away from the germ infested tables. He ran over to the table and yelled as loud as he could while hitting the table! “Hot Mama Hot” Needless to say I could not get him away! He is way smarter than I think! After 1 hour of waiting we got to see our favorite doctor, Dr. Erikson! She is so sweet and even though I was a little frazzled from sitting so long in the waiting room, being able to see her and hear all that she has to say makes it all better! Crawford Checked out perfect but that was no surprise to us because we think he is perfect!

Weight 27 lbs 40 percentile

Head 19 1/2 inches 70 percentile

Length 35 Inches 70 percentile

Crawford keeps us laughing with all the funny things he says and does these days! He is talking so much. I was worried he would never talk (what was I thinking?) Now we can’t get a word in! No has become a word we don’t like because he uses it way to much. No Mama, No Dada he even tells night night (his blanket) no when he gets mad that it’s on him. Were having so much fun! Things can be trying at times, like tonight when I gave him cheerios as a snack before dinner and he didn’t want them, so he threw them on the floor (all of them), I tried and tried to reason with him to pick them up but nothing would work…..I finally gave in after 30 mins of getting no where! I promise not to give in next time. I gave him the sympathy card this one time because he does have 4 teeth coming in and he did have to get a shot. That would be enough to make me not feel like picking up cheerios either. He is a picky eater these days and we are working on getting him to try new things but when you have a dad as picky as he does, it’s hard!!!

Crawford loves to play with trucks, balls, trains, anything outside, puzzles, and books! He loves animals! He is learning so much these days it’s really hard to keep up! He surprises us daily with what he knows! He is learning his shapes, colors and alphabet! He loves to put puzzles together and loves his shape ball. We are enjoying watching him learn so much. It just amazing to watch them grow from a baby to a toddler and so on! It’s great to see them growing and getting older but the time sure does go by fast these days! Sometimes I would just like to freeze in time for a few days and enjoy our precious baby who will be a teenager before we know it!!

See below for how our baby boy has grown over the last 2 years!


IMG_1212 Birthday Poster

Happy 2nd Birthday!DSC_0160

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Having Fun with Mimi and Grammy (he has them wrapped around his finger)!

Mimi kept Crawford on Saturday while we went to the wedding! Crawford looked like he had so much fun! We had planned on sneaking out of the house because we were not too sure how he would react, however he yelled Bye to us as we were leaving and never looked back! Here are some pictures Mimi got of him. He would point to the camera and say Cheese!! I can never get him to look and smile for me! I am so Jealous!!! They had so much fun playing with all of my old toys that I actually gave my mom a hard time about keeping! I am glad she did because Crawford loves them! Crawford at Mimi's 2 Cheese Mimi!

Crawford  at Mimi's 

Crawford at Mimi's

Last Wednesday Night Crawford woke up with this horrible cry and cough! He sounded like a seal when he cried! I knew it did not sound right and since he hadn’t been coughing during the day, I thought it was strange. He had the croup. So we stayed home on Thursday (me too because I was so tired from being up all night) and He stayed with Grammy on Friday. See below for some pictures she took of him playing and relaxing! :-) He always has fun at Grammy’s.



I think this is the look he gives her when he wants something! It works! He has her wrapped around his pinky!


Mr. & Mrs. Yeaman

We had the pleasure of going to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville to my friend Erika’s Wedding! It was the most beautiful wedding in the most beautiful place! We had a great time! It was great to see old friends from High School. It amazing how you loose touch with old high school friends but can pick back up like it was yesterday every time you see them! Crawford stayed with My mom and they had a great time! I don’t even think he missed us! Look for pictures of him cheesing for Mimi and some from when Grammy kept him last week once they email them to me (hint…hint).

Below are some pictures from the wedding. I wish I had more, but I was too busy to take a lot of pictures plus the ones of me….lets just say the rain did nothing for my hair!!!! Luckily the rain held off and only drizzled off and on, but we were under tents so it didn’t matter at all! The decorations were beautiful. Lots of Feathers!! We even had one in our invitation! The decor fit Erika perfect. Her own style! After the wedding the couple is going to South Africa and then will be living in Dallas!

Erika and Matt

 The Bride Biltomore House

    The Biltmore House! I could not get the entire house because we were walking to the wedding and I think Jacob was getting annoyed with my picture taking! :-) I was dropping everything as I was walking and looked like a total mess, trying to sneak a picture of the house!

Erika's Wedding

  Jacob and I with the Beautiful view!

I took this picture off of the website to show you how great the location of this wedding was. They were married to the left of the house.



The Bridesmaid’s Bouquets!

Me and Leslie  My friend Leslie and I (horrible picture of me). Leslie was my Maid of Honor in my wedding! Isn’t she just precious. She was a bridesmaid. Notice the feathers on her dress! I just thought they were the cutest dresses and matched the theme perfect!!!

More Flowers Mountains

Monday, September 14, 2009

Celebrating with Uncle Ryan and Aunt Casey

Uncle Ryan could not come to Crawford’s birthday party because he was out of town so he and Casey cooked Crawford dinner and made him Cup Cakes to celebrate! They got him this cute firefighter outfit and fire truck! Uncle Ryan is a firefighter and so he put his outfit on to match Crawford!  Below are a few pictures I snapped with Casey’s Camera since I forgot mine and could not resist getting these cute pictures.

Thanks Aunt Casey and Uncle Ryan for Crawford’s Birthday Dinner! He had so much fun and loves his outfit!!

IMG_1182IMG_1186 IMG_1183 IMG_1178 

The fire extinguisher is a water shooter! We had to hide this from him! IMG_1179

Happy 2nd Birthday Crawford!!!!


9-14-07 was one of the best days of our life and they have just keep getting better ever since. I can hardly believe it’s been 2 years!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday!

We love you!

Crawford 2 Years Old20090907_0015 Crawford 2 Years Old20090907_0018 

Crawford 2 Years Old20090907_0044

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Crawford’s Birthday Party



Trains are Crawford’s favorite toy these days so we thought the perfect theme would be trains! We didn’t have a hard time find decorations, we could just pull everything from Crawford’s toys! 

Birthday Decorationstrain

 Birthday Decorations3 FavorsBirthday CakeCupCakesfavors2 Birthday Decorations2     Birthday Decorations4  Birthday Sign

Birthday Decorations5

One worn out Birthday Boy!!

Crawford Birthday Party

Blowing out the Candles. He got it on the first try! I looks like he might fall asleep into the cake! The minute I set it in front of him he put his fingers all over it!

Blowing Out Candles 

I’m Two with Mommy and Daddy! I think his two is so cute using both hands instead of one!

Mommy, Crawford & Daddy

Sweet Caroline playing in the balls!


Hagen in Crawford playing with the hats and being very Silly!

Crawford and Hagen

Thanks for coming to my Party Skylar!!

Crawford and Skylar

Uncle Adam and Crawford! Thanks for my Carolina Shirt Uncle Adam! DSC_0161

Ila, Mark, Allison, Aunt Casey and Angie


Gigi and Crawford

gigi and Crawford

Crawford and Hagen laughing over a balloon popping. They were so funny. Hagen was carrying the chair around that the balloon was tied to and Crawford would not let go of the balloon! So it eventually popped and they thought it was funny!  I would have thought they would have cried but they are all Boy!!

Hagen and Crawford Laughin

Hagen wearing the engineer hat! Too Cute!!

Hagen in Hat

A little corn hole for the adults!

Corn Hole

Crawford’s Great Aunt Ila and Uncle Wiley

Ila and Wiley

Crawford, Julie and Josh

Josh and Julie

Our youngest friend Jansen Rae

Jansen Rae

Taylor and Julie jumping in the bounce house!

Kids Jumping

Lily Kate and Sean (brother and sister)

Lily Sean

Mandy and Sweet Ella

Mandy and Ella  

Pop Pop and GigiTommy and Gigi

Grammy and Gigi

Nancy and GiGI  




Urban Family The Urban Family

Crawford’s fun presents!


Drawing with Mimi this the day after! Crawford went up to Mimi this morning saying “Draw Mimi, Draw Mimi”! He loves to draw! 

Mimi and Crawford

We had so much fun on Saturday visiting with our friends and family! It took us all day today to recover from the big party!! Thanks everyone for making Crawford’s party so much fun!

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