Saturday, May 21, 2011

Strawberry Patch

It was our 2nd Annual trip to the Strawberry Patch! We went right after Caroline was born last year! That was nice but it was much better this time!

Caroline wanted to Eat them all and Crawford could not pick them fast enough!

He was such a good helper!

We even had Casey and Coleman with us this time!

We had a great time!

We have all be under the weather with a terrible cold, and I have been busy taking pictures!

I have so many updated included Caroline's 1 year Check-up. So stay tuned!



Strawberry Patch20110510 0001'

Strawberry Patch20110510 0002

DSC 0946 2

Strawberry Patch20110510 0003

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hope you have a Happy Mother's Day....I'll be missing a Special one this Year! My Mimi!

Wow!!! It's hard to believe that when I was getting together Mother's Day gifts this year I was getting one less!

Before I got married and became a mom myself I had spent 26 years every mother's day with my mom and mimi!

I was so close to my grandmother and while I know she is in a better place and no longer suffering the selfish part of me wishes she was still here (but not in pain of course)!



Where have I been......... you wonder

So How did I go from posting 10 times a day to once a week and what happen to my Running??


Well let me  just show you!!!


The ever so Demanding family of mine! :-)

I LOVE this family picture because I think it paints a much truer picture of what our life is right now!

It's like John and Kate said ....It's a Crazy life, but it's our life!!!!

I would much prefer this picture than a posed (well maybe not) but after 20 million attempts I prefer this than trying to get that perfect pose pic!


Family Easter Pic


and my New Photography Business!




EE LogoDesign rgb


So after sweet Caroline arrived, we decided I would stay home! an opportunity for me to spend more time with the kids and explore the photography thing!

So now! If I am not with my kids....I feel like I am infront of my computer or taking pictures! I still have ALOT to learn but I am getting there and feeling blessed so many sweet families have allowed me to take their pictures!

But I must say it's not so easy!

Lets just say 1 and 3 1/2 require a lot of attention and  lets not forget the dog and husband do also and so does the house...(where does all of the Laundry come from)?????????

So needless to say I left my job to a MUCH HARDER Job!

In the beginning it wasn't so hard! But through in the photography and the sweet toddler now who doesn't sit still for a minute and well it's a challenge. oh and let me not forget the terrible 3 1/2's! yeah...just add all three together and I just go lock myself in my room and put myself in timeout! :-)

Don't get me wrong! I LOVE being at home! But man it's hard!

There is a lot of of whining lately!  ALOT! I know it's his age and I hate to wish us to 4's but I'm hoping there is a little less whining at 4! Other than whining we are so good! He is such a loving boy who loves his sister so much until she takes his toys that a year ago or even two years ago he could have cared less about! the minute she is interested it becomes HIS FAVORITE toy!  Oh and don't let me forget to tell you about my (oh she is the sweetest little girl) TEMPER! (which I am sure she got it honest from her parents) I say her Dad and of course he says me! We both have one and she got 100% of each of ours! Wow how could such a temper come out of that sweet BLUE Eyed girl!!! Speaking of Blue she turns BLUE when she gets mad! LIke Violet on Willy Wonka! I have to blow in her face to make her breath; all because guessed it......Crawford is playing with HER Doll (that she wasn't even playing with at the time)! Which leads me to the fact that she is normally playing with his trucks and lately him ...her dolls! I know it's all perfectly fine, and I am fine with it....but you know doesn't go over so well with their daddy! I already get enough from him that I put Crawford in Pink Polo's and now he is playing with her dolls and she is playing with his trucks! It's a good thing daddy is at work and not at home during the day! Oh and I haven't told him (wonder if he reads this blog??) that this older man at the grocery store came up to our cart the other day and said hey sweet girls! To Crawford and Caroline! Crawford was wearing his Pink Polo! BUT I totally think he looks like a BOY! I am guessing the poor man didn't have his glasses on...poor thing...I hope he was not driving!

So we have 4 more weeks until pre-school is out for the Summer! Not sure what we are going to do! No Camps this year! I want to enjoy the summer with the kids and I don't feel like being a taxi driver to my 3 1/2 year old all summer. So It's going to be low key for us! A few play dates! Many Pool visits I hope ( but I am sure it will be hard with two and just me) and I pray that we will have afternoon naps....because I am going to need them!

And somewhere in there my photography will fit in! I am guessing late nights and early mornings!


So hope your not bored but that's what's been going on!


oh yeah....and my running!

Well my little pinky toe has kept me from running! But I am ready to start back up! Who knew such a small part on your body could cause so much pain!

Crawford ran over it with his power-wheels and I think broke it! It was almost better after 4 weeks! and Easter Sunday I was running out to the car for the millionth time (I always forget something in the house) and a ran into the stroller!

Worst pain ever!!!!! I guess I jammed it! Who knows! I think it's permantly damaged forever! :-) So now it's getting better and I can't wait to start my running adventure all over!!!  So stay tuned!


Now back to edit pictures!

Hope to add pics of Caroline's Birthday party soon!









Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Birthday Celebrations

Happy Birthday Sweet Caroline!!

the Chair in the picture below was a chair I used to play with at my grandmother's house as a little girl! It's where my baby dolls (which were my students) sat while I taught them!


Caroline1stBirthday pics20110419 0001

Caroline1stBirthday pics20110419 0002



We had a great celebration and were so thankful our friends and family could join in on the fun! It wouldn't have been the same without them!

Below are a few pictures. I have more to come! These are mainly the decorations.

My friend Pamela made the Cake. She is awesome! It tasted so good and looked beautiful!

I made the cupcake toppers which were super easy!

My friend Meredith at the Pink Poppy Seed made Caroline's sweet Birthday Hat and T-shirt and Monogramed her Bib (that was just like Crawford's.

My sister-in-law Casey helped me make the cookies, which I ran out of time to finish decorating!

The ribbon wreath on my front door I made and it's super easy! Along with the doormat that I mad with my MOPS group.


Caroline1stBirthday20110423 0002

Caroline1stBirthday20110423 0010



Caroline1stBirthday20110423 0005

Caroline1stBirthday20110423 0006

Caroline1stBirthday20110423 0003

Caroline1stBirthday20110423 0001


It's My Party, I'll cry if I want to!!!

Caroline1stBirthday20110423 0007


why is everyone looking at me?

Caroline1stBirthday20110423 0008

Caroline1stBirthday20110423 0009


Well if you ask me there a match made in heaven! There too cute!! But I don't think their daddy's are ready for that! So for now they can be friends!

Ella Crawford

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