Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Birthday Celebrations

Happy Birthday Sweet Caroline!!

the Chair in the picture below was a chair I used to play with at my grandmother's house as a little girl! It's where my baby dolls (which were my students) sat while I taught them!


Caroline1stBirthday pics20110419 0001

Caroline1stBirthday pics20110419 0002



We had a great celebration and were so thankful our friends and family could join in on the fun! It wouldn't have been the same without them!

Below are a few pictures. I have more to come! These are mainly the decorations.

My friend Pamela made the Cake. She is awesome! It tasted so good and looked beautiful!

I made the cupcake toppers which were super easy!

My friend Meredith at the Pink Poppy Seed made Caroline's sweet Birthday Hat and T-shirt and Monogramed her Bib (that was just like Crawford's.

My sister-in-law Casey helped me make the cookies, which I ran out of time to finish decorating!

The ribbon wreath on my front door I made and it's super easy! Along with the doormat that I mad with my MOPS group.


Caroline1stBirthday20110423 0002

Caroline1stBirthday20110423 0010



Caroline1stBirthday20110423 0005

Caroline1stBirthday20110423 0006

Caroline1stBirthday20110423 0003

Caroline1stBirthday20110423 0001


It's My Party, I'll cry if I want to!!!

Caroline1stBirthday20110423 0007


why is everyone looking at me?

Caroline1stBirthday20110423 0008

Caroline1stBirthday20110423 0009


Well if you ask me there a match made in heaven! There too cute!! But I don't think their daddy's are ready for that! So for now they can be friends!

Ella Crawford

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