My Journey to Running

Starting as SOON as the snow and ice go away...I am going to begin running! I am ready! The kids will both be in preschool two days a week and Crawford will be in three days a week. I plan on at least during the winter getting a run in while they are in school and then in the spring hopefully they can join me in the stroller! I am working towards a 5K so anyone local want to run one just let me know! I am looking for a trainer or group that I can get started with and I already went to the local Fleet feet and got my shoes!
I always pick my shoes out based on Looks! They have to be a certain brand and cute! Little did I know this was a big waste of money. I went to Fleet Feet where they felt me feet(gross I know) especially in the winter b/c I just don't take that good of care of them! :-) They measured them and I found out I needed a size 8! I went from a 7 to an 8! I have always heard your feet grow when you have babies! It's true! The guy said that you need at least a 1/2 size bigger than your normal shoe size for running! Who Knew?? I am sure all of you runners knew but I sure didn't! So I got fitted for the perfect shoe and am ready to go! I am going to post my weekly or daily updates on here! I have 8lbs to lose!!! The second baby weight is not as easy to loose and being home all day makes it harder! I am not buying new clothes I am losing the weight and getting back into my favorite jeans!!! Stay Tuned and give me any advice you have!!

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