Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!

Today Crawford and I spent most of the day over at Jacob's Parents (Grammy and Poppy's) house, while ours was being cleaned! He had a great time playing. In the pictures below he is playing on his favorite car! He is such a climber these days!!

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year! We are looking forward to what 2009 brings us but can't complain about 2008. It was such a great year! Watching Crawford grow and learn and develop into the little boy he is has been so much fun! He is the love of our life! He has taught us so much this past year. Most importantly he has taught me to stop and enjoy life because it goes so fast! I never really realized how fast the days go by until we had Crawford and watching him grow up before our very eyes! He is so very precious and so much fun. We are so lucky to be his parents!
Below are a few of my favorite pictures from this year.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Harley and Crawford

We went to see Uncle Adam today and his new puppy Harley.
I wasn't sure how Crawford would react. I was hoping he would not hurt him. Well I didn't have to worry about that. As soon as he saw him he waved bye (this is what he does when he is scared) Harley is 10 weeks old. He is so cute! Uncle Adam and Grammy flew all the way to Oklahoma to pick him up on Monday. Crawford did come around and play with him a little once we went outside. Below are a few pictures I took. I promise to have Christmas pictures up this week!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning was much more fun for Crawford than I expected it to be. I wasn't sure how he would act. If we would be excited or not. He was so excited! He started making this noise he always makes when he is excited!! Once he saw his jeep he would not get out so he opened his presents inside the jeep. Mimi spent the night with us Christmas Eve. Crawford got all kinds of fun presents from her and Santa! After we opened presents we had Adam and Grammy and Poppy over for breakfast.
Crawford LOVES all his new toys from everyone. Now we just need a bigger house to fit them all in!
Look what all I got from everyone!!

Playing with Toys from Santa

Are you done taking pictures yet? I'd like to play!

Merry Christmas

We wanted to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas! Because we couldn't decide on just one see below for our two Christmas Cards ths Year!!
We hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Part Three

On Christmas Eve we exchanged presents with Jacob's Parents, Ryan, Casey and Adam. We had a great time and once again Crawford racked up with toys. We all got some great presents but most importantly enjoyed spending time together. Below are a few pictures.
Crawford helping Uncle Ryan put the 4-Wheeler together that Grammy and Poppy got him.

Taking it for a ride.

After the Christmas Eve Service (which we did not attend this year but plan on next year). Everyone went over to Jacob's parents house for appetizers. We all had a great time eating and playing. Below are a few pictures. Sorry, it's only a few I was really bad the entire Chritmas season in getting pictures of everyone. I did not even get one of the three of us!! I can't believe it!

Crawford and Uncle Adam

Don't you love my Sock Monkey Slippers Mimi got me??

Monday, December 22, 2008

New Hat

I have way to much to be doing right now to be blogging and I have a lot of blogging to catch up on but I will have to wait until I get my wrapping done. For now I wanted to post a picture of Crawford in his new hat that came today. We love the frog hat but thought it was time for a new one and I just love this mongramed one I ordered on Etsy from Eenie Meenie Kids.
The latest information on Crawford is.....he has lost one tube and is gaining two molars...oh what a what fun in the Elrod household!!!! :-)
See pictures below of Crawford in his cute hat!

Christmas Part -Two

On Sunday we left Asheville and went to Laurens SC to visit Jacob's Family. As usually we had a blast but I really forgot to take pictures again. We always have so much fun and the house is always FULL. Crawford had fun chasing the girls all around the house. The picture below looks below is one of the only pictures I have of the kids playing. Crawford loaded up on toys from everyone.

Christmas Part - One

Saturday before Christmas we traveled to Asheville, NC to have Christmas with my family. We spent the night at my aunt and uncle's house and had a great time! I hate that I did not take as many pictures as I would have liked. Crawford had a great time eating and opening presents!

Crawford eating at what Jacob and I call the adult table. Usually there are too many people to fit around the table and Jacob and I end up sitting at the Kids table.

Mimi Jo and Crawford

Opening Gifts

Playing with uncle Gary and Aunt Vicki

I wish I had more pictures but I guess I was caught up in the moment of watching Crawford and everyone that I didn't take many pictures. We had a great visit with everyone. This year we decided to play dirty Santa. We had a great time and everyone got some great gifts. Jacob ended up with the Best Buy Gift Card that he brought. That was his plan! Crawford some really cute toys and clothes. He had a great time opening the gifts!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Present from Crawford

We had a Christmas party at Crawford's School. I was really bad and forgot to take my camera! We had a great time getting to spend time with the children and the parents in Crawford's class. Ms. Lena and Ms. Dorothy helped Crawford make this cute ornament for us!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tank Cho

Tonight, I told Crawford lets go read a book. He ran as fast as he could to the chair held up his book and motioned for me to pick him up. I grabbed a book to read because he usually likes to hold his favorite book (Goodnight Moon) while I read another one. He usually has such a hold on the book I have to let him go to bed with it. But tonight was different. He pushed the book I was reading out of my hand, handed me Goodnight Moon and said Tank Choo.

I guess he wanted to tell me Thank you in case he feel asleep! We read the book and he went fast asleep! So Sweet!

I just had to share my sweet story!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

15 Months

Last night Crawford woke up crying a few hours after we put him down to sleep, I went to see what was wrong, he stood in his crib with open arms. I rocked him back to sleep. As I looked at him I noticed how he didn't look like the little baby I put to sleep earlier that night. He looked so grown up. I just stared at him not believing how fast he is growing up. And today he is 15 Months Old! It's so hard to believe! He is all boy and is in to everything! He is really starting to talk but mainly just around Jacob and I. The one word he is not afraid to say around other people is Bye...especially if he is ready to go or is scared! As I pulled out all of our Christmas Decorations, we have several things that play music and talk...everything that made a noise, especially Santa and Tigger, he said bye until I turned them around so they were not facing him. He also blows them kisses which is his other way of telling you bye! It's so funny! Crawford now signs for Please. He has been signing more for a while but now he will do please and it is so cute. I will have to get it on video soon! He has become very independent which in a way I welcome except when it means that the yogurt ends up all over him instead of in him! He wants no help with the spoon and most of the time he holds the spoon but with his other hand scoops it out of the bowl and into his mouth! If I have my hand on his plate or anything that he decides he does not need help with he kindly leans over and pushes my hand away! He is walking, climbing, running(which as resulted in many falls) all over the place. He keeps on the go constantly! He loves playing peek-a-boo and chasing anyone that will let him. He LOVES reading books and just playing with them! He still is crazy over balls and his Red Wagon. He knows where his Tummy, Nose and Eyes are, and his polo pony! If we say 1 Crawford will say two. He loves to dance, especially to Yo Gabba Gabba!
Crawford's Vocabulary
Mama, Dada, Uh-Oh, Ball, Bye, Tank Cho(Thank you), Dare(There), Cheese, Bhaa (Boo), nose (while pointing to his nose or trying to pull off ours), Ooo - (Moo), Hey (really fast), Bubbles....(I am the only one who has witnessed this one but he says it and gets so excited), Mmmmm (is this a word) he says it when he is eating and it taste good! He will say it over and over, Shoe and Toes.
Below are a few pictures of Crawford from tonight before bed. There is even one of me and him together! We were playing with the puzzle and he would clap after every time he put a piece in.
Climbing on the Chair..His Favorite thing to do.

Playing with the puzzle

I got them...with a little help from Mommy

Playing with my Mommy

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Spending the Day with Grammy

I took off work Friday to get some much need stuff done around the house! Mainly Chritmas decorating! Crawford went to stay with Grammy and they had so much fun! One of his favorite things to do at Grammy and Poppy's is rearrange their Spice Cabinet! Below are a few picturs that Grammy took!

Crawfrod sitting in Jacob's rocking chair.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Crawford with Santa

Crawford did not want to have anything to do with Santa so we snuck him in and he didn't even know he was there! :-) I thought the picture turned out really cute. I would have rather had him sitting on his lap, but love the fact that I have a picture of him smiling with Santa rather than crying! :-)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

First Christmas/2nd Christmas Difference

Crawford's First Christmas
3 Months Old

Crawford 15 Months

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tree is finally up!

Well our tree is finally up. I thought it would never happen. Saturday morning we woke up and went to search for the perfect tree! We found it! Normally we buy an overly large tree but this year we found the perfect size! It's not completely decorated but it is up and almost finished. Crawford was a great helper and I only ended up breaking two ornaments. Crawford was there to say...Uh..Oh..! The bottom half of our tree has no ornaments right now, because all of ours are breakable and let me just tell you...Crawford is CURIOUS these days!
After we picked up our tree we took Crawford to see Santa! We had his picture taken with Santa in the background first. It was adorable. He had no idea Santa was even in the room. Then we tried to get Crawford to sit on Santa's lap but he would have nothing to do with him. He did try to give Santa high-five but he would not cross over into the it was a big reach for him! It was so cute. I guess he thought he was safe as long as he didn't step too close!
The rest of the weekend we spent inside decorating. It was so cold this weekend! Crawford is starting to talk a lot but mainly just around Jacob and I. When I try to get him to talk around other people he will not and it makes me look like I am making it all up!
He knows where his nose, toes and tummy is. If you ask him where the horse is he will point to the pony on his shirt. His latest word is "cheese". He said it today when I was taking his picture. I kept saying, "say cheese" not even thinking he would say it. Next thing I know he is saying it giving me the biggest smile! Also, Today he wanted to go outside. He grabbed his coat and went to the door and started making this noise he always makes when he wants our attention.
I could go on and on...but I will save it all for his 15 Month Post which will be next Week!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Just a few cute pictures from last weekend.....

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Grammy and Poppy

Friday Crawford went over to play with Grammy and Poppy! Below are a few pictures of them playing in the leaves. He loves playing at their house. Especially outside. There is so much for him to do and take in.

They're Getting Married!!

Yes you read it right! Uncle Ryan and Soon to be Aunt Casey are getting Married! We are so excited!!! They got engaged this past Friday!!

Gobble Gobble - What a long day but Thankful Day

We left our house at 9AM for South Carolina for Thanksgiving Lunch! We had so much fun seeing everyone! Crawford chased all of the girls and Josh around. He was not fast enough to catch them but that didn't stop him. Below are a few pictures from our stop in S.C before we headed to Asheville for Dinner.

Crawford and the Girls. Not sure if he is too excited about this Picture!

Josh is now in the picture

Crawford waiting for someone to give him five!

Thanks Josh

Family Picture! My eyes are closed but its hard to get a picture of a group this big and all of the other pictures Crawford is flipping out in!

Family Picture and Crawford did not want to be part of it! It was Nap time!

Uncle Adam Playing Soccer with the boys

Finally a Nap! He fell asleep putting Cheerios in his mouth! We were on our way to Asheville for dinner!

We had a great dinner in Asheville with my family! It was so good to see everyone. Crawford had a great time playing and the food was so good! After a great dinner we headed back to Winston! (Yes we Know! We are Crazy!) Too much traveling in one day, especially with a 1 year old! He Cried for at least an hour on the way home! But we enjoyed seeing all of our family that we do not get to see too often! Next year Can everyone bring food to our house???

Below are a few pictures at my Aunt Vicki and Uncle Gary's. Sorry, I didn't get a picture with them. Crawford was not in the picture taking mood!

Can someone please take me for a ride in this wagon?

Mommy, Crawford and Mimi

Forgot his eating seat so Crawford had two Picnics!

We had Thanksgiving at Jacob's Granny Doby in Winston on Friday. We had so much fun and it was nice to visit with everyone. I forgot my camera!!
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