Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tree is finally up!

Well our tree is finally up. I thought it would never happen. Saturday morning we woke up and went to search for the perfect tree! We found it! Normally we buy an overly large tree but this year we found the perfect size! It's not completely decorated but it is up and almost finished. Crawford was a great helper and I only ended up breaking two ornaments. Crawford was there to say...Uh..Oh..! The bottom half of our tree has no ornaments right now, because all of ours are breakable and let me just tell you...Crawford is CURIOUS these days!
After we picked up our tree we took Crawford to see Santa! We had his picture taken with Santa in the background first. It was adorable. He had no idea Santa was even in the room. Then we tried to get Crawford to sit on Santa's lap but he would have nothing to do with him. He did try to give Santa high-five but he would not cross over into the it was a big reach for him! It was so cute. I guess he thought he was safe as long as he didn't step too close!
The rest of the weekend we spent inside decorating. It was so cold this weekend! Crawford is starting to talk a lot but mainly just around Jacob and I. When I try to get him to talk around other people he will not and it makes me look like I am making it all up!
He knows where his nose, toes and tummy is. If you ask him where the horse is he will point to the pony on his shirt. His latest word is "cheese". He said it today when I was taking his picture. I kept saying, "say cheese" not even thinking he would say it. Next thing I know he is saying it giving me the biggest smile! Also, Today he wanted to go outside. He grabbed his coat and went to the door and started making this noise he always makes when he wants our attention.
I could go on and on...but I will save it all for his 15 Month Post which will be next Week!!!

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