Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning was much more fun for Crawford than I expected it to be. I wasn't sure how he would act. If we would be excited or not. He was so excited! He started making this noise he always makes when he is excited!! Once he saw his jeep he would not get out so he opened his presents inside the jeep. Mimi spent the night with us Christmas Eve. Crawford got all kinds of fun presents from her and Santa! After we opened presents we had Adam and Grammy and Poppy over for breakfast.
Crawford LOVES all his new toys from everyone. Now we just need a bigger house to fit them all in!
Look what all I got from everyone!!

Playing with Toys from Santa

Are you done taking pictures yet? I'd like to play!

1 comment:

The Schwant Family said...

Looks like he was a good boy this year! Jack wore those pjs last christmas - love them!!

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