Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Harley and Crawford

We went to see Uncle Adam today and his new puppy Harley.
I wasn't sure how Crawford would react. I was hoping he would not hurt him. Well I didn't have to worry about that. As soon as he saw him he waved bye (this is what he does when he is scared) Harley is 10 weeks old. He is so cute! Uncle Adam and Grammy flew all the way to Oklahoma to pick him up on Monday. Crawford did come around and play with him a little once we went outside. Below are a few pictures I took. I promise to have Christmas pictures up this week!

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Jennifer Johnson said...

Well, I came to see how my MOST favorite student EVER was doing and I was so excited to see all the pics of Crawford. To my surprise, I also saw a familiar picture of...my book! Em! You're so sweet! Miss you, miss you, miss you. Thanks for keeping us all posted here.

A memory for you...I remember the first time you were in my class...I thought, "Now, there's a very capable girl who is going places!" It's so fun to think about that and now see that my instincts were so right. You're awesome!

Mrs. J.

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